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Pyle to tune up Indy

May 23, 2007 - Neil Rudel

I've found a reason to watch the Indy 500 ... or at least the beginning of it.

Jim Nabors -- Gomer Pyle -- will sing "Back Home Again in Indiana" to commemorate the race, just as he's done for 35 years.

Now, it probably won't be as good as when Pyle sang "The Impossible Dream," or when he and Sgt. Carter were part of the platoon chorus. The scenes were particularly comical as the contingent often hid from Carter in remote places like the freezer at the mess hall because Carter couldn't carry a tune.

Pyle, though, sure could.

If you're wondering what led me here, it's this: Back in the day, Gomer Pyle was a weekly sitcom that happened to come on right after dinner. My dad and two brothers would sit there and howl all the time, especially during classics like "the lead boot," and "can Carter hold his temper for 24 hours?"

Carter, played by Frank Sutton and easily one of the best supporting sitcom actors of all time, passed away many years ago. I've often wondered what happened to Cpl. Boyle, Duke, Hacker, Bunny and LuAnn Poovey.

In the meantime, sing away, Gomer.



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