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What's the 4th without a trip to Wal*Mart?

July 4, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

Wal*Mart on the 4th of July. How much more patriotic can you get?

I actually loathe walking into the place (ever since the arrival of Super Wal*Mart) but find myself there more often than not. I simply mumble and complain the whole way through the store and checkout. It somehow eases the pain. I don't just go to Wal*Mart for the heck of it. It takes a village to move me... or a thunderstorm.

mazeThe rain came earlier than I expected today and Mazey (my fraidy-cat-dog) started going berzerk. Shaking, panting, pacing. Then I realized I was out of "thunderstorm pills". I used to get a prescription from the vet but I dislike how groggy they can make an animal. Doesn't seem fair to sedate a dog to the point of being in a stupor. I can't imagine how they feel. So, at the first break in storm action, I jumped in the car and headed for SuperPetz. They didn't have what I was looking for so I got back in the car and pouted and whined all the way to Wal*Mart.

They carry a product called Content-Eze (by Nature's Guardian), a natural product, that claims boxto contain L-Tryptophan, the amino acid that "promotes the feeling of satiation and contentment" (the same thing found in turkey and causes us to fall asleep at the Thanksgiving table). I found this product on a past visit and it seemed to work for Mazey. I prayed it was still in stock. Sure enough I found a hanging display hidden in the dry dog food aisle and grabbed two boxes. I can't say for sure if they actually work. For all I know they are sugar pills and my girl is as easily fooled as her mother, but they seem to do the trick and help to calm Mazey. 

I raced home and got the required dose into her smuggled in bites of bread. Jesse always makes out on these deals as well. One bite of bread for Maze. One for Jesse, etc.

I hope the poor girl can rest easier now. I'm not sure which is going to be worse today. The fireworks or the severe thunder and lightening storms that are predicted. Either way, all the lights are on and the fans and TV are blaring to mask any outside noises.

Ahhh, illegal fireworks, thunderstorms, and Wal*Mart. God Bless America.

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