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A bee is NOT an hors'deouvre, Jesse

July 14, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

summer pupDogs, especially puppies, have a penchant for finding trouble. They are curious, energetic and just plain nosey.

You can only imagine what a buzzing bee must look like to a dog. APPETIZER. There seems to be nothing more intriguing to a dog than a buzzing little creature flitting from flower to flower. For some it's just too tempting and the buzzing little beast must be conquered -- or eaten. 

Thank goodness many dogs, like most humans, don't have much of an allergiic reaction to bee stings.  

 However, there are dogs who are allergic and it won't take very long after a sting for you to see the horrific and scarey reactions develop. For some pets, a bee sting can be fatal if not treated promptly.

Most bee stings are nothing more than irritating and painful to your pooch. The snout, mouth and face are the most common areas targeted. If you witness the attack and can tell if it was a bee or wasp, you may want to try a couple different remedies (much like the ones mom or gram used on us when we were little).

Bee stings are acid. Remove the stinger if you can and apply a paste of baking soda and a little water. Apply ice for five minutes at a time to help reduce any swelling. Another home remedy: An over-the-counter dose of benadryl can help with discomfort, swelling and itchiness. Check with your vet first. Just because I've been able to give my dogs benadryl doesn't mean yours will be able to tolerate it.

Wasp stings are alkali, and the sting is not left in the skin. Bathe the area in vinegar as the sting is alkaline. (cursing under your breath tends to help the pain as well)

Either way, despite 'what' bit your fur-baby, keep a close eye on him/her for the next 30+ minutes. Any sign that your pet is not acting 'normal' should be monitored closely. Allergic reactions can develop unexpectedly and your quick reaction could mean the difference between life or death for your baby. Bee stings, esp. to the mouth can cause swollen muzzles, eyes, ears, or paws, throats can swell shut, resticting breathing. Dogs can also develop an asthma-related attack. At the first sign of distress -- or when in doubt -- get your pet to the Vet!

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