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Don't "tick" us off this year

April 24, 2008 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

In today’s Mirror (page D2) in the “Across The Area” feature you can find details about a traveling rabies vaccine and microchip clinic for cats and dogs, to be held this Saturday, April 26, from 10am – 2pm at Tractor Supply Co., 2002 Old Route 220 North, Duncansville, and from 4pm – 8pm at Tractor Supply Co., 88 Bedford Square, Everett.  The services are being provided by Cats With No Name Mobile Spay/Neuter Program.

Cost is $10 for a 3-year rabies or distemper vaccine and $15 for Lyme disease or Bordetella vaccine for dogs or leukemia vaccine for cats. Cost for microchipping is $15 and includes registration. No appointments are necessary. For more information you can call the Cats With No Name organization at 717-222-4085 or email them at

I did a little research about this organization simply because I had never heard of them. They are a legit non-profit group, manned by I’m sure underpaid and over-caring personnel. They have branches in many states each featuring a traveling clinic manned by a certified vet and personnel. They are one of many non-profit groups who offer such services simply because they see the need and want to help animals.

They do offer other services in addition to the ones they are going to offer on Saturday however you would want to contact them and check their website to find out when and how you could take advantage of these (such as spay/neuter) since time might not allow during this tour.

Your dogs are required to have a current rabies and distemper vaccine and your cats a leukemia vaccine (or human -you - owner can get into trouble) plus these are critical, lifesaving vaccines for your pets.

I am a big fan of Bordetella vaccines. That’s the kennel cough vaccine and I think important if you have more than one dog or your dogs ‘visit’ with other dogs frequently. You never know if a dog is carrying kennel cough and may pass it easily on to your pet. There is nothing more uncomfortable than to watch a dog suffer or cat suffer from kennel cough esp. when they don’t have to. If you plan to board your dog while on vacation, etc. they’re going to be required to have one anyway. It’s just good protection. One little squirt of liquid vaccine up the nose and your pet is set.

I might also suggest the Lyme disease vaccine especially this year after hearing a lot of friends and co-workers discuss how bad the ticks are already this season. After a bit more research, vets indeed are warning about an early and heavy infestation of ticks this year. Why? We had a mild winter which allowed many of our furry (tick-carrying) friends (ie. deer, mice, etc.) to survive the winter. The more furry friends out in the woods the more happy homes for ticks and they multiply like rabbits. Check your pets often for ticks. Just because you live in the city don’t forget ticks can be hitching a ride on a person or other animal passing your residence and the tick can easily jump off and onto your lawn or pet.

Deer ticks (the small brown ones) are obviously the ones we are most fearful of due to the transmission of Lyme disease which can be deadly if left untreated or treated too late.

Remember DON”T try to burn a tick or pick at with a pin. It can “pop’ the tick open and spray the toxic disease carrying fluids on your pet or yourself. Remove ticks with tweezers very carefully and gently, slowly pulling it out of your pet’s (or your)  skin. It will be burrowed in there head-first. It’s completely gross to even fathom but extremely critical to get it out of there. Flush the little bugger if you can. Don’t throw it in the trash. It could survive your removal tactics and jump back out of the can and onto you or your pet.

Welcome summer! Fun times ahead!

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