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Hockey in June

May 30, 2008 - John Mehno
Sorry I've been away, but I was unable to navigate some sort of technical issue.

Anyway, the Penguins' victory in Game 3 assures there will be hockey in June. Remember that training camp opens in September and the Penguins will play their season opener overseas in October.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Game 3 was played with desperation and was everything a hockey game should be. There are so many games in the regular season (and too many in the playoffs) that they can't possibly play consistently at that level of intensity. It wasn't easy to make plays, but if you appreciate tight defense and plenty of contact, it was an ideal game.

The players' mindset now is let it all loose. The end of the season, one way or another, is in sight. Short as the offseason is, they'll still have a few months to heal. After what we saw the other night, I'm guessing there weren't enough ice packs to go around in either locker room.

One more hockey note: Head over to youtube and run a search on "Memorial Cup." This is the junior hockey equivalent of the Stanley Cup. The winning team tried to pass the Cup around and dropped it on the first exchange. Listen to the crowd react as the trophy breaks into parts. It's a hoot.

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