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Lakers in 6

June 5, 2008 - Neil Rudel

I'm batting 1.000 right now, having picked the Lakers and the Celtics.

Not that it took Jimmy the Greek to do that.

There are two levels of this prediction -- what I think will happen and what I need to happen in order to win my Fantasy League playoff (not in order of importance but, more honestly, in reverse order of importance).

In order to hold off Ryan Eicher and Joe Sheetz, I need the series to be reduced to best-of-three with either team sweeping. David Stern, though, hasn't gotten back to me on that, even though I petitioned through Tim Frank, the local boy made good in the NBA front office.

Thus, I'll hold my breath that Lamar Odom and Luke Walton can keep me in front of Sheetz's Celtic posse and Little Ike having KG. I'll spare you the category breakdown and cut to the chase (this is the difference between newspapers and the Web, where you can just babble away...)

Lakers in 6.

I think one go-to guy, Kobe, is more responsible than three (Garnett-Pierce-Allen), and I'm still having trouble with the Celtics getting pushed to 7 games by Atlanta.

That said, Boston has homecourt, and the 2-3-2 format favors the Celts since teams sometimes have trouble sustaining intensity through three straight. That means the Lakers have to split the first two, win two of three at home and Game 6 at the Garden, er, Fleet Center.

Because Game 7 will be tough to win on the road.

It would make it a heckuva lot easier for the Lakers to win tonight. If they don't, I'll get back to you sooner than later.





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