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What nut said you could give a cat nose drops?

June 10, 2008 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
Thought I'd post a quick update on the furball activity in the Hanna Household:

(photo: Eli fascinated with an ice cube in his water dish. I'm evil)
Eli was doing fantastic until this weekend when he started having sneezing fits again. His little eyes are watering a bit and he has advanced from clear to colored snotty nose.  He had a bout the other day with the runs and threw up his dry food. After over-reacting and fearful that his medicine seems to have stopped working after we’ve almost gone through two bottles, I called my vet and spoke with one of the technicians. I know it’s hard for them to diagnose via a crystal ball without examining Eli so I moved Mazey’s July appointment up to next Monday and will juggle taking both canine and feline to the vet at the same time. (I love a good challenge.)

My question was simply if there are stronger/different antibiotics that could work for Eli since he has been diagnosed with FLV (feline leukemia virus) and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). My goal is to simply provide Eli the most comfortable life I can for as long as he wishes to live with us.

The tech said that there are absolutely stronger antibiotics (but his tone led me to believe it wasn’t without consequence). I have since read that cats don’t handle medications of any sort well and that that their fragile systems can easily reject or react poorly to medications. (I at least know I was not a cat in a former life… I was raised to believe there is a pill that will cure any complaint – imagined or real…)

A note I found quite funny on one website stated that: “For congestion, some human nose drop products can be used for relief.”  Hmmm…. Give Eli a bath? Or administer nose drops….. I elect to golf during a thunderstorm…

(photo: Tuckered out after dinner and play)
Eli is holding his own. His appetite hasn’t diminished. I did learn to feed him the strongest smelling wet food since his sense of smell is impaired (which can cause cats to not eat). I now despise the smell of seafood (which was my main staple and love in life until Eli). And, he has an insatiable desire to play constantly. He loves to play and I do my best to accommodate him. Just take a look at my left hand. I look like a cutter. It’s so pathetic watching him attack and kill feathers, yarn and tennis balls while trying to breathe through his stuffed nose.

I pray he gets no worse by Monday so we can get to the vet without incident. I’m prepared for the worst (I lie) because I was given little false expectations from the start. It’s just that the little 4 pound bugger has really attached himself to me and Mazey and my heart. He is my little love bug and snuggles with me when I’m watching TV or working on a craft.

(photo: Mazey looking innocent as a bowl of fresh cat food sits feet from her)
Mazey continues to sneak his food (which she finds quite amusing).  I try to relocate it to a place she can’t easily access and I’ve been trying to spend more time doting on her (she is not an attention-monger and keeps to herself usually) since Eli is so loveable and likes attention. However, when Eli comes around, Mazey now gets in line. 

She is not going to like me much after Monday’s vet appointment. I have to have her sedated and have her nails cut back. As a rescue dog her nails were not maintained and I have just never been able to keep the nails cut back far enough without hitting the quicks (which contain nerve endings) and cause them to bleed. This is painful for her. If your dog’s nails ‘click’ when they walk they are too long. Keep up with them so you don’t have to put them through what poor cat-food-stealing-overweight Mazey is going to have to endure.

We’ll keep you posted...

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