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Clothes encounter

June 14, 2008 - John Mehno
Friday was 1979 Turn Back the Clock night in Baltimore, but apparently no one told the Pirates. They didn't get advance word from the Orioles, so the Pirates didn't order throwback uniforms for the occasion.

Probably just as well. You may recall that the Pirates were wearing some awfully loud uniforms in '79. There were three basics: Black, gold and striped. Players thought there was an intimidation factor in black, but that group was pretty dangerous no matter what they were wearing.

The trouble was the combinations. The black jersey and gold pants were Steelers-like. The stripes didn't go with anything. The horizontally-striped caps added to the chaos. Most of the combinations looked like something your grandfather would put on if left to his own devices.

So missing out on Turn Back the Clock night was not a bad thing.

Speaking of vintage Orioles, search youtube for a clip of Earl Weaver arguing with an umpire. If you've ever wondered what is said in those nose-to-nose arguments, this will answer the question. Warning: The language is 10 degrees of filthy. I'm not posting a direct link because I don't want to be accused of corrupting anyone's morals. But you can find it easily enough and, if you're not put off by the language, you'll laugh.

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