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Maybe the Bard was a runner?

July 17, 2008 - Erik Brown
To thine own self be true - a little Shakespeare lingo there.
I had finished my run and was taking a cool down walk in the outside lane of the track at Tiger Stadium earlier this week when two guys went jogging past me in lane one. I had just started into the curve at the scoreboard end of the stadium. As they went by, one of them moved to his left onto the turf. He turned to his friend and said, “Anything to make the run shorter”, and proceeded to run the curve on the turf inside of lane one. Now, I really don’t care how far the guy ran. That’s his choice. But the point of distance running, is to "go the distance". Real distance runners never cheat and never lie about the actual distance covered – not even in a mundane workout.
The reason for this is intuitive, so naturally I feel compelled to explain it. For real runners, the number one competitor is always oneself. This is true whether you’re a 10 mile a week jogger or a 140 mile per week elite marathoner. We always gauge how well we’ve done today against how well we’ve done in the past. Finishing ahead of other runners is certainly a common goal, but it’s the man or woman in the mirror and the stopwatch that confirms or denies the accomplishment. So, unless you’re pathological, it’s impossible to derive any true satisfaction from a phony result.
The spacious new YMCA
After listening to my family rave about the new Y for several days, I finally made my first few visits there this week, and WOW, is it nice! From the spacious common areas, to the enormous new gymnasium, to the state-of-the-art weight room, to the spacious new locker rooms, the new therapy pool and even the spacious parking lot, the new Hollidaysburg Area YMCA is nothing less than a jewel for the community and surrounding areas. And, did I mention, it’s spacious! As a person with a big personal space, I like that! If you haven’t been there yet, you really owe it to yourself to stop in and take a tour.
Upcoming Events
July 19 - Sloppy Socks 5K - 8:30 AM. American Legion Memorial Park, Hollidaysburg, PA. This new race will take place at American Legion Memorial Park in Hollidaysburg. The race will be in the European cross country style - through small creeks and mud, over rocks, logs and other natural obstacles.  Commemorative glassware will be awarded to the top ten overall male and female finishers.  Race day registration starts at 7:30 AM. Registration fee: $15 by July 9, $20 afterward. Benefits Hollidaysburg Community Partnership and Hollidaysburg Historic Preservation Commission.  For more information call Ethan Imhoff at (814) 695-3880 or email
August 2 – YMCA Canoe Creek Triathlon & 5K Race – This is the next event in the Hollidaysburg Area YMCA’s Community Wellness Challenge Series. The triathlon includes a half mile out and back open water swim, a 13 mile loop on the bike, and a 5K run. Note: Scuba divers and lifeguards will be overseeing the swim. For non-triathletes, there is also a 5K run and a 2 mile walk. For online registration, click here.
NVRC Race Calendar – For a listing of numerous other upcoming races, etc. check out the Nittany Valley Running Club’s race calendar.

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