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Phelps' message to kids is Gr-r-r-eat!

August 21, 2008 - Erik Brown
In New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, and the entire state of California, there are now laws banning trans fats in restaurants.
In New Haven, Connecticut last year, an eighth-grade honors student was suspended for a day, barred from attending an honors dinner and stripped of his title as class vice president for a crime so heinous, I hesitate to mention it here. The student, Michael Sheridan, was caught buying a bag of skittles from a classmate!!! In the interest of full disclosure, Sheridan’s “record” was subsequently “cleared” after school superintendent Reginald Mayo and principal Eleanor Turner met with the boy's parents.
So it came as no surprise to me that the food Nazis were up in arms yesterday when it was revealed that Michael Phelps had signed an endorsement deal with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Rebecca Solomon, a nutritionist at Mount Sinai Medical Center said "I would not consider Frosted Flakes the food of an Olympian." I’m wondering what Olympic team Ms. Solomon was on???
Then there was this post by a food fascist blogger named Mike Adams:
“Does Phelps have the right to promote Frosted Flakes? He has the legal right, sure, but given his considerable notoriety, he has the moral obligation to more carefully consider the consequences of his endorsements. Still, to expect a junk-food-eating 23-year-old to understand nutrition and ethics may be asking a bit too much, but it's not exactly rocket science to understand that processed sugar promotes obesity. In my view, by endorsing Frosted Flakes cereal, Michael Phelps has gone from a Super Olympian to a Super Sellout. He has now proven himself no different than anybody else who pushes unhealthy substances to American kids, other than the fact he can swim really fast. Why couldn't Phelps have sought out a superfood company to endorse, or at least a healthy food product? Alchemists say you can't turn lead into gold, but with this Kellogg's deal, Phelps has done something even more amazing: He's turned gold into fool's gold, because sugared-up corn flakes is not the breakfast of champions; it's the breakfast of fools.”
Someone might want to let Mr. Adams know that when he presumes to lecture Michael Phelps and the rest of us about ethics, he comes off just a tad elitist, arrogant, condescending, envious, and bitter. I’d be willing to bet that Phelps does occasionally enjoy a bowl of Frosted Flakes along with his three fried-egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise, a five egg omelet, a bowl of grits, three slices of French toast with powdered sugar, and oh yeah, three chocolate chip pancakes.
But wait! There’s more! For lunch he downs half a kilogram (i.e. a whole packet) of enriched pasta and two large ham and cheese sandwiches – on white bread (gasp!) with loads of mayo on top. He washes it all down with about 1,000 calories of energy drink.
Dinner? It’s another half kilo of enriched pasta with a chaser of an entire pizza and another 1,000 calories of energy drinks. Then, it’s off to bed.
So how is it, that Phelps looks like he does? Hmmm? Apparently, the stupid, unethical, “junk food eating, 23 year-old”, Phelps (Mike Adams' assessment, not mine) has discovered something that Mr. Adams hasn’t - that EXERCISE is a more significant factor in controlling weight, and maintaining good health than some new age diet. Here’s another wonderful secret. Exercise makes you feel better than any diet ever will, and it allows you to indulge, within reason, in the goodies. Literally, having your cake and eating it too! Look, a sensible diet is absolutely a good thing. But exercise, that is the key! 
The food fascists say that Michael Phelps is sending a bad message to kids with his endorsement of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. It says here that Phelps’ message to kids is simply this: discover your passion, pursue it with every ounce of energy you can muster, and you can achieve excellence. I’d say that message is Gr-r-r-eat!!!

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