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The readers always write....

August 22, 2008 - John Mehno

...but they don't always make sense.

If you're ever feeling lonely and want to generate e-mail, get yourself some newspaper space and write that maybe Mario Lemieux isn't a saint.

That will fill up the old in-box.

I did a column last weekend offering the opinion that it was foolish for Lemieux to admit that he lied about taking the Penguins out of town. My opinion was that the totally unnecessary admission damaged his credibility and is now an issue the Penguins will have to confront as they do business in the community.

In no time, there were responses. They came from people who were in such a hurry, they didn't even have time to run things through spell check. Most of them -- illiogically -- complained about the Steelers and the mythical free pass the Rooneys have from the media. I can recall criticizing the Steelers during the stadium shakedown, when they instituted seat licenses and when they sought public funds for an amphitheater on the North Side. But apparently the Mario fans never noticed any of that.

Some people in the media business hate e-mail. I like it. It's a way to communicate with readers and the feedback is usually valuable. I answer everyone who is civil and signs their name.

Even this wave of pro-Lemieux e-mail was valuable. Most of it was so irrational that it convinced me I was right on the issue.

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