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Fun at the ballpark

July 2, 2009 - John Mehno

Just for the record, I personally don't own the Pirates and don't have any input into the operations of the Pirates. So if you're angry about a trade -- as some e-mailers are -- take it up with them. It's out of my hands.

However, I appreciate your passion and always like to get feedback. If you choose to never attend another game, that's your decision. I don't tell you how to spend your money. If I did, I'd have you send me some every week.

Jack Wilson backed off his harsh comments that came after the Nyjer Morgan trade. He said he did it on his own, and I believe him. If he had been ordered to do that, he probably wouldn't have done it. Or it wouldn't have come across the way it did. I think he saw his comments in print and realized he'd gone off the deep end a bit. Perhaps he heard himself being taken to task on talk shows, too. Jack likes to be liked.

The 10-game homestand is finally ending with the Mets in for a make-up of a previous rainout. It inconveniences the Mets (this was supposed to be an open date between Milwaukee and Philly for them) and probably costs them about $20,000 in additional travel costs. So it's not all bad.

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