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Thanks, Eagles

August 14, 2009 - John Mehno

The Philadelphia Eagles signed quarterback Michae Vick on Thursday, ending all the silly speculation that the Steelers were interested in Vick.

I've heard that the Steelers never had any interest in Vick, but coach Mike Tomlin declined to comment directly, fearing the Steelers' rejection would hurt Vick's chances with other teams. He didn't want to do that, given his respect for Tony Dungy, who has been advising Vick. The rumblings I heard indicated that at the start of Vick's free agency, word came from the very top (think Ambassador to Ireland level) that the Steelers would have absolutely no interest in signing Vick.

How did the Steelers become linked to Vick? One theory holds that Vick's agents floated the story, knowing that the Steeles would never comment directly on the issue. That gave them a chance to create the perception that one of the NFL's most stable franchises was looking at him. The thinking would then be, 'If the Steelers are considering him, he must be OK.'

Not all the games in the NFL are played on the field.


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