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No 16-0 season

September 21, 2009 - John Mehno

Yikes, western Pennsylvania is not a happy place when the Steelers lose. What a week for the G-20 delegates to get here.

There's a radio guy in these parts who, I'm told, spent a lot of the week saying the Steelers would be fine without Troy Polamalu. His reasoning: Dick LeBeau is such a great defensive coordinator that he would find a way to carry on without Polamalu. Uh, maybe not. LeBeau is very good, but he can't turn Tyrone Carter into Polamalu. The No. 1 thing great coaches have going for them is excellent players. Polamalu is one of the best in the NFL. You don't lose him and not feel it.

Don't underestimate Ike Taylor's contribution to the loss. A couple of penalties, a big missed tackle....he didn't have his best game.

Hey, how many times did CBS' Jim Nantz say "fling" on Sunday's broadcast? The quarterback "flings" the ball. That's OK as an occasional change of pace, but he was doing it a lot. How about "pass" or "throw?"



Just checked the file of entries in the "Guess How Many Games The Pirates Will Win in 2009" contest.

There was some misguided optimism back in April.

The Pirates are currently 56-91 with 15 games left. That means their maximum possible victory total is 71.

The following people have guesses of 71 or less and are still alive in the contest: Lisa, Steve, Chuck, Alan, John, Kurt, Eric and Scott.

The winner will be announced as soon as the last game is over on Sunday, Oct. 4.

I am looking for: