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Our Exclusive Interview with Psychic Sylvia Browne!

November 9, 2009 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
“All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love”

The One And Only Sylvia Browne...

When you are presented with an opportunity to interview Sylvia Browne, you don’t pass it up.  Now, I have always known that Sylvia Browne is a New York Times best-selling author and a world-famous psychic, however I am probably one of ten people in the world who has never watched any of her countless appearances on The Montel Williams Show or Larry King Live where she has appeared as a special guest for more than 15 years.

I also have many close friends who follow Sylvia’s teachings yet I have never read one of her books until her new release, “All Pets Go To Heaven, The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love”.

Interviewing Sylvia Browne will forever remain one of my ‘all time unforgettable experiences’ yet I feel the task comes with the responsibility of providing my readers with a

I have always been a person with a very open mind surrounded by family with extremely closed minds. It never hindered me though from wanting to learn about other people’s beliefs. I don’t have to agree with everything I hear or believe in what others believe to appreciate the vast differences that make up human nature. That’s why I’m not sure how I never collided with the world of Sylvia Browne in all these years.

“All Pets Go To Heaven, The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love” is the third of three books Sylvia has written to discuss what happens to our beloved animals once they pass on. This book, however, is directed to an adult audience. The other two, “Animals on the Other Side” and “Spirit of Animals”, while filled with beautiful pictures and thoughts, are written more for children and serve as a great tool when trying to help a child understand and cope with the death of a pet.

If you are a fellow animal lover who cherishes the short time we are afforded with our precious pets and greatly mourn their loss when they pass on, then I know you will enjoy Sylvia’s new book. You don’t have to believe in all that she believes – pick the parts that you feel most in-tuned to – and take comfort in the words and stories that will ease your mind about your pets who have ‘crossed over’.

This was a great book to introduce me to Sylvia Browne and ease me into her beliefs and teachings. With a masters in education, Sylvia is one smart cookie. She taught English for 20 years in parochial schools and her straightforward style of writing provides an easy read. I found the entire book interesting, educational and entertaining and read it in two nights -- this coming from someone with a 20 minute attention span and a stack of partially read books on my nightstand.

Some readers did not like the fact that she opens this book with a history of pets in ancient times. I really enjoyed reading about past cultures and rituals. It always helps to bring a topic full circle for me to have more background and history and close informational gaps.

Sylvia refers a lot to her other books which again I found helpful in the event I decide I’d like to learn more about another aspect of her world.

I have lost many beloved pets over the years and often find myself thinking about them and even grieving long after they’re gone. I wanted to get one thing from this book: Comfort in knowing that my sweet fur babies had moved on to some other place where they were safe, happy, pain free and loved. I got my wish.

If you are not a believer in ‘heaven’ or as Sylvia refers to it the “Other Side”, then perhaps this book isn’t for you. I’m not sure what you think happens to us once we die, but whatever your belief, I respect it. I, on the other hand, wish to believe that there is a better place that we move on to where we exist eternally without pain and unhappiness – and with all the love of our precious furbabies.

Let The Interview Begin!

A:  (joking) Where have you been all my life?!

S: I’ve been around honey, I’ve been around!

A: I know how important pets/animals are to you, how does this book follow the first two you wrote about pets?

S: The other two were more childrens’ books. This one was more in-depth with interviews and my own philosophy and what I know psychically and how I’ve gotten in contact with pets on the other side so this is really a bigger anthology than that.

And, I just got sick and tired of hearing priests and ministers say that animals don’t have souls and that just fired me up. So I thought, I’ll take care of that, I’m gonna write a book about that once and for all.

A: As an animal lover, it’s hard for me to think there are people who don’t believe animals have souls.

S: They teach us unconditional love and loyalty and all those other things that we as humans have to learn which [they} command normally.

A: I had several questions submitted to me from people who are hoping you can provide them with an answer or reassurance. 

You say everyone eventually crosses over. How do we ‘share’ pets if our pets have had more than one owner in their life?

S: It’s not the way you perceive it to be. Everybody loves everybody over there, all of our animals love us and are with us. 
We have seven dogs and some are closer to me and some are closer to my husband but we love all of them.

A: If you say we are reincarnated, why can’t we come back as an animal?

S: We don’t transmigrate, no, there is nothing to learn from that. Animals don’t have lessons to learn. They’re here to be companions to us. We’re the ones who have to learn how not be jealous and averse and greedy and all those other things - animals don’t have that. Why would they have to come back?

A: If our pet is ill and we have to make the decision to put him/her to sleep, how can we know we are doing the right thing?

S: Oh no, the animal understands that. I sometimes think we’re kinder to animals than we are to people (in such cases). Of course they understand, you never wish them to suffer, it’s always the right thing.

A: Can our pets come back to reassure us that they’re ok and if so how?

S: Absolutely, I’ve had many friends, people, share stories of how their pets came back to check on them, even hearing the sound of paws down the hall.  (There are many accounts in the book that Sylvia’s readers share as well)

A: A friend of mine had to have her beloved horse put down after spending a lifetime with him. She was devastated. She revealed that she has a reoccurring dream that she is in a field and her horse is there. He makes eye contact with her but as soon as she reaches out to pet him, he turns and starts to walk away. She wakes up crying every time because of losing him again.

(Note: this was the most fascinating and revealing answer Sylvia shared. I absolutely believe this because I know how ‘in tune’ my friend is and if this would be possible with anyone it would be her):

S: Oh, no, she is going to the other side and visiting him. That’s not a dream, that’s an astro-projection. She is crossing over to visit him.

A: Why does he walk away from her before she can touch him?

S: Because he knows its not time for her to come yet.

A: I was asked why animals are so much more pure and seemingly on a different or higher level than humans.

S: Animals are completely unconditional. We, as humans, well it takes an awful long time to learn that. We can learn an awful lot from animals because they don’t care if you’re sick or well or how you look, they just love you anyway.

 It’s not a matter of levels of importance. Animals are pure companions to man and woman. Angels ‘are’ because they ‘are’. Animals ‘are’ because they ‘are’ and humans ‘are’ because they ‘are’ – we’re just different levels of creation.

Okay, so I was talking to Sylvia Browne. This chance may never occur again, right? I just had to ask…

A:  You have always been fortunate to be blessed with your special abilities and talents. I often wonder how I could ‘be open’ and experience such things. How can I become open or is it because I truly don’t want to be?

S: No, you just have to keep working at it, honey. Just ask God every night to help you to be open. You have to ask for it. It can be very gradual at first and then it bursts.

A: Does the Other Side look the same to everyone?

S: Everyone perceives the Other Side exactly the same. They all see the same thing. No matter the person or religion. (Sylvia referred to her book, The Other Side and Back, as providing a more in depth explanation on this question.

A: Okay, true animal lovers are going to believe in a lot of what you have to say in this book because we want to know our pets are safe and happy, but what about skeptics?  How can you discuss this with people who don’t really believe?

S: Oh, we don’t care about that now, do we? You can’t expect everyone to believe in the same things the same way you do.

Finally, it was time to let Sylvia move on to her next appointment.

A: You have a new book coming out December 1st.

S:  Yes, “The Truth About Psychics”.

A: What is this book going to address?

S: It’s going to help people differentiate and be more learned as to what to look for in when seeking guidance from a psychic. I’m just sick and tired of people going to psychics and have them tell their curse and all that crazy stuff. I want to educate people that a psychic has to be specific – they can’t just go out on stage and say does anyone here drive a car? I’ve watched it happen.

A:  What else is coming up?

S: I’ll be in Erie, PA, end of February 2010 at the Warner Theatre.

A: What will you be discussing in your show?

S: I’ll be talking about how to heal yourself psychically.

A: Thank you for your time. It was an honor to have the chance to talk to you.

S: My pleasure, darling. Now, take care of your stomach. And, cut the dairy. Get rid of it. It’s bad for you.

“All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love”

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