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Notes from the couch

January 19, 2010 - John Mehno

Turns out it wasn't a great NFL weekend.

Saturday's games were both blowouts, as was the first one on Sunday. Jets-San Diego was close, but the first half wasn't exactly compelling football.

So we're guaranteed that the NFC will send a team to the Super Bowl that's never won one. I think Indianapolis will prevail in the AFC, and they're going to be tough to beat. I think the best match-up would be Colts-Vikings, so there's where my temporary rooting interest lies. But I've still not forgiven the Vikings for messing up the NFL's best uniforms and ordering those shiny helmets.

OK, we get that the network announcers get a private audience with the coach as part of their preparation. So does every sentence have to start with, "As the coach told us...." or "He said in our meeting..." or "He was telling us..." Yes, you talked to him. That's great. Now just pass along the information without trying to make yourselves part of the story.

By the way, I want some Throwback Pepsi. One of the stores had it advertised in their sale flyer. I go to the store and can't find any. I ask the lady (catch her before she steps out to have a smoke), and she says, "We don't get the 12-packs." Then don't advertise them, eh?

It's always something.

Oh, and how about the Cowboys complaining that the Vikings ran up the score with a late touchdown? I'll address that in the next Mirror column. But here's a preview: That's a pretty weak complaint.

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