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Sid shoots and scores....

February 28, 2010 - John Mehno

OK, Penguins fan, how did you react when Sidney Crosby scored the overtime goal that won the Olympic gold medal for Canada?

Happy to see the captain of the Penguins score a goal that will become one of Olympic hockey's legendary moments....or sad that the USA came out on the losing end in the 30th anniversary year of the "Miracle On Ice?"

There were a lot of conflicted feelings. That's what happens when the Olympic teams are made up of NHL all-stars. Teammates become opponents; enemies become teammates. Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers was a Team Canada teammate of Crosby's. On March 27, he goes back to being a bitter rival when the Penguins and Flyers meet at Mellon Arenal.

As good as the ending was, I'd rather see the professionals stay out of the Olympics.

A few other Olympic observations:

*One of the reasons the NHL sends players to the Games is it believes it helps promote the league. But that doesn't happen when NBC farms out most of the hockey to its various cable channels.

*Just watching cross-country skiing is exhausting. I was trying to work up the energy to get out and shovel snow, and those guys were skiing uphill.

*I guess it's a time-honored tradition, but is there a bigger waste of money that throwing bouquets of flowers on the ice after a figure skating performance? Tom Jones fans had the right idea when they tossed their underwear on stage.

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