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Totally "Lost": Fans becoming restless...

April 30, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

As 'Lost' becomes what it's always been,
many fans lament what they thought it was

  Remember back in Season 1 and 2 of "Lost" when the show was like Ben's "magic box?" (Hey! whatever happened with that?) Whatever you wanted "Lost" to be was still in the realm of possibility.
  Scientific testing ground gone awry? Could be.
  Sinister global conspiracy? Maybe.
  Ancient gods and alien races? Stranger things...
  Nazis? (Yes, once upon a time we were sure DHARMA was comprised of Nazi refugees and Alvar Hanso was Hitler.) Sure, why not?
  But as the show moves closer and closer to revealing it's true nature, more and more of those tantalizing possibilites are going by the wayside, taking a certain segment of viewers with them.
  Time travel? Bye bye.
  Parallel universe? See ya.
  Purgatory? Pass.
  And there's no more prominent discontented "Lost" fan than the recapper known as Fishbiscuit, whose image-laden reviews have delighted and enlightened the show's fans for the past three years.
  Fischbiscuit has been lukewarm on Season 6 since the very beginning and now she (yes, Fishbiscuit is a woman) is flat out confused and disappointed with what she sees as sloppy writing and lack of direction. You can get a sense of her issues by reading her latest recap here.
  Now, we're psychoanalyzing here but we think a lot of Fishy's negativity comes from the fact that she's been the Web's foremost Skater (if you don't speak "Lost" slang, that's someone who thinks the Sawyer-Kate relationship is essential to the show's ultimate success) and the show doesn't seem to be heading toward a happily ever after in that regard.
  But her feelings seem fairly common judging by postings on "Lost" fan sites. People are nervous, confused and even angry. And they are most especially still in denial about the possibility that the island is Purgatory and hell lies beneath. If you've read this blog long enough, you know what we think: The island isn't Purgatory. Purgatory is the island.
  And so our basic vision of what "Lost" is -- a story about the origin of all the great myths in our world, including the myths of heaven, hell and Purgatory -- remains mostly intact. But we'd be lying if we said we felt confident that the ending of "Lost" was going to live up to the vision we have for it in our head. The Man of Faith in us feels hopeful about that. But the Man of Science has had moments in Season 6 when he thought, "My God, they are making this up as they go." But then an episode like "Ab Aeterno" or "Happily Ever After" shows up and all is right with the "Lost" world again.
  We're down to five hours of "Lost." The fan base is restless. The margin for error is slim.
  The filming in Hawaii has been completed (and reports coming from the set are bizarre and intriguing), but show insiders say there may be as many as five, count 'em, five, secret scenes still to be completed. Some may just be red herrings (a la the multiple shoots of the coffin scene at the end of Season 3).
  And then there's the urban legend (or is it?) that a secret scene was filmed with Matthew Fox and Malcolm David Kelly back in 2005, when Malcom (and Walt) were still children, that has always been intended to be the show's parting shot. Hot air? Probably. But that fact remains that the creators of "Lost" have set a very high bar that the series' conclusion must meet. Do they have something up their sleeve? Or has it been a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing?
  Whatever the case, as Flocke said to Sawyer not so very long ago, "You've come so far. It would be a shame to turn back now."

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