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Totally "Lost": Deconstructing "The Candidate"

May 4, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

In death, Jin keeps his promise, Sayid reclaims his soul

  In a series where it’s long been established that anyone can die at any time, “The Candidate” broke new ground with the death of three original characters.
  Sayid, perhaps the most tortured soul on the island, completed his redemptive arc by passing along some critical information to Jack before sacrificing himself to save his friends, carrying a Smokey-planted C4 bomb to a remote part of the sub that the Losties thought was finally going to carry them off the island.
  The explosion left Sun hopelessly tangled in twisted metal and as the water slowly rose in the sinking sub, Jin kept his promise to never leave her again, drowning by her side just hours after their reunion.
  But the carnage the explosion caused was only half of what Smokey had intended, as three candidates – Jack, Hurley and Sawyer – along with wild card Kate, were able to escape.
  So now Smokey says he’s going to finish what he started, but how will he do that if he can’t kill the candidates himself?
  And were the deaths of Sayid, Jin and Sun cheapened somehow because they’re still “alive” in the sideways reality? We’ll know in a few weeks.

  Deconstructing Season 6, Episode 15 of the ABC television series “Lost” titled “The Candidate”:

Title tracking
  > Sideways Locke is a candidate for an experimental surgery that could cure his paralysis. “No, thank you,” he tells Jack. Later, we learn that Locke’s reluctance likely stems from his guilt over a plane crash that paralyzed him and left his father in a vegetative state.
  > On island, we have to wonder exactly what Sayid meant when he told Jack “it’s you.” Did he mean Jack is the candidate? Did Desmond tell him that?

Sideways reality
  > Sideways Anthony Cooper is a veg. He was seriously injured as the passenger in Sideways Locke’s disastrous first flight as a private pilot. Locke was paralyzed in the crash and blames himself for his father’s condition.
  > Sideways Christian Shephard drank himself to death and was found in alley outside a bar in Sydney.
Original timeline
  > Widmore has the list of candidates, too.
  > Jack verbalized what we’ve long suspected. Flocke can’t kill the candidates. They can only kill each other.
  > Sayid did not kill Desmond. He told Jack where he is and that Jack “is going to need him.”

Sideways reality
  > Does Bernard know more than he was letting on?
  > Why did Sideways Christian leave the music box for Claire?
Original timeline
  > An oldie but a goodie: How does the sonic fence stop Smokey?
  > Why did Flocke take the watch from Widmore’s guard? Wait. Never mind.
  > If he can’t kill the candidates, how is Flocke going to finish what he started?
  > Um, what happened to Frank?

Easter Eggs
Sideways reality
  > When Sideways Locke was semi-conscious, he mumbled, “Push the button,” and, “I wish you believed me.”
  > Sideways Christian left Sideways Claire a music box that played, “Catch a Falling Star.”
  > Sideways Jack saw his reflection – again – in the music box mirror.

Original timeline
  > Widmore’s “he’s coming” line was eerily similar to Jacob’s dying words: “They’re coming.”
  > The bomb read “3:54” when Jack first took it out of the back and “1:15” when Sawyer pulled the wires.

  > Sideways Jack: “If you’ll give me a chance, I think I can fix you.”
  > Zombie Sayid: “Welcome to Hydra Island. At least you didn’t have to paddle.”
  > Sideways Bernard to Jack: “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”
  > Jack: “They’re not my people.”
  > Sawyer: “Feel like we’re running in circles?”
  > Flocke: “If we would have turned it on … boom.”
  > Flocke: “Trust me, you don’t want to be on that sub.”
  > And in one of the greatest “Lost” quotes ever, Jack: “There is no Sayid.”
  > Sideways Jack: “What happened happened.”

Observations, questions and random thoughts:
  > We feel compelled to keep pointing these things out, but Sideways Locke was in a plane crash and wound up paralyzed. Island Locke was in a plane crash and wound up cured of his paralysis.
  > It can now be revealed! The title of 6X17, which airs on May 18, is “What They Died For.”
  > Several “Lost” fan sites are reporting the finale has been extended to 150 minutes and will air from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 23.

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