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Totally "Lost": Gearing up for "Across the Sea"...

May 10, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

  Gearing up Tuesday’s episode of “Lost”:

  The countdown: After this episode, there are three and a half hours of “Lost” left.

  Title: “Across the Sea”

  Significance: No idea. We’re guessing something (or someone) comes to the island from across the sea.

  Centricity: Jacob and the Man in Black.

  Buzz: Mssrs. Cuse and Lindelof have been going out of their ways this week to say how fantastic they think Alison Janney is in this episode. Most of the other buzz is too spoilery to be used here although we will note that Kristen at E!Online says to look for three Losties in a “throwback” moment.

  Rewatch: What we noticed in the first hour of the Season 1 finale, “Exodus, Part II”:
  > One of the big mysteries of “Lost” -- How the Black Rock wound up in the middle of the jungle – wasn’t really a mystery at all. When Rousseau leads the Losties to the ship for the first time and they’re trying to wrap their minds around what they’re seeing, Arzt says: “What are we? Two miles inland? A tsunami could have swept it here.”
  > Just after Arzt blows up, Jack and Locke continue to remove dynamite and Locke compares it to playing the game “Operation,” even startling Jack by making a bzzzzzzzzzz sound. What follows is a seemingly innocent exchange that seems much more telling now:
Jack: You like to play games, John?
Locke: Absolutely?
  > We had absolutely no memory of this prior, but the Hurley Bird makes an appearance here (a full season before its much more famous appearance in the Season 2 finale) as Jack, Locke, Kate and Hurley head from the Black Rock to The Hatch. However, the bird seems more menacing that comical in this incarnation.

  Plotline: The motives of John Locke are finally explained.

  Sneak peeks (VERY spoilery this week, two of the most viewed sneak peeks in the history of the show):

  Revelations, observations, investigations and questions:
  Investigation #1: Shoes. We’re telling you. There’s something about shoes (or bare feet). Christian’s corpse lost its white tennis shoes in the crash of 815. When Locke awoke on the beach and wiggled his toes. No shoes. The first time Locke entered The Hatch, he took his shoes off. Jack had to put another pair of Christian’s shoes on Locke before they got on Ajira 316. Flocke took those shoes off before he and Ben got in the outrigger in “Dead is Dead.” Jacob was barefoot when he was murdered. At first, we thought it was just an homage to the “Paul is dead” urban legend spawned by The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” cover, but something in our gut now tells us it’s more.
  Observation #1: You might have heard that the Jimmy Kimmel post-finale extravaganza, “Aloha to ‘Lost,’” is being promoted by ABC as featuring three alternate endings. So the questions become: Are these actual alternate endings meaning TPTB did not “always know what the final scene would be” as they’ve claimed? Are these foiler alternate endings (like putting the various bodies in the coffin for the Season 3 finale) designed to throw off fan sites and the actors themselves? Or are they comedic endings that will star Kimmel in skit form?
  Revelation #1: OK, here are our plans. We’ll deconstruct “Across the Sea” and next week’s “What They Died For” for certain. We’re planning right now to preview the finale but then watch it as a fan (without a notebook for once!). We will eventually write about it in detail, but not for several days. We ARE planning on posting a “one word reaction” that night via this blog. We’ll start now encouraging you to do the same via the blog comments, through our Facebook page or via Twitter with the hash tag #MirrorLost.
  Question #1: We’re guessing that Frank Lapidus is still alive and here’s why: He was supposed to be on the island for some reason (and we’re pretty sure that reason wasn’t to drop some of the best one-liners in “Lost” history). You could even speculate that the island “allowed” the Oceanic 6 to leave for the specific purpose of bringing Frank back with them. We know what happens once the island is done with you, but there’s been nothing in Frank’s Season 6 story that even hinted of “that’s his purpose.” We’re guessing that’s still to come. But what is it?

Classic “Lost”: “The Brig” remains the darkest episode in “Lost” history, both for Sawyer, whose lifetime of rage is finally sated, and for the audience, who not so secretly felt like “Tom Sawyer” got what was coming to him. (And we think the ironic thing is that Anthony Cooper isn’t really Locke’s father or Sawyer’s Sawyer, but that’s a whole other column). In any event, in any medium, this is chilling.

Tweets for the Tweeps:
  > We’ll be Tweeting during tonight’s episode, using the hash tag #MirrorLost.
  > Although you do have to have a Twitter account to join in the discussion, you don’t need one to follow. You can check at any time OR you can check out the master Twitter feed we installed recently on the righthand side of the homepage.

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