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Bleeding Black and Gold...

August 22, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

  About the same time we were posting Saturday that our Steelers blogging would be limited because we'd be at PNC Park (getting soaked, as it turns out), our brother, John, was posting to his Facebook page that he'd have an opportunity to see the Steelers for the first time this year, but he'd have to get up at 3:30 a.m. to do it. That's because he's a Navy nurse nearing the end of a tour of duty a in a military hospital somewhere in eastern Afghanistan and the game would be broadcast on the Armed Forces Network. So, I offered John, a rabid Steelers fan, a chance to gues blog and here are his observations from the Steelers preseaso win over the New York Football Giants:

First quarter:

> 55 (Patrick Bailey) off-side on the opening kick by 3 (Jeff Reed), er…..9 (Daniel Sepulveda. really?! (From’s gamecenter because AFN is still running Braves-Cubs.)
> AFN cuts to 24 (Ike Taylor) throwing haymakers at Hakim Nicks. Really?! (in Randy Bills’ voice: “See ya ike. Bye bye. Thanks for comin!”
> Steelers reverse got blowed up by Justin Tuck. I don’t think that’s 83’s (Heath Miller) fault, but without TIVO I will never know.
> Watching football on 24” CRT television compared to 50” plasma in HD is like night and day. You’d think I was in a fourth-world country. Oh wait, I am.
> 51 (James Farrior) and 91 (Aaron Smith), despite playing at 50 years of age, do NOT appear to have lost a step.
15 Minutes note: Let's see if that holds true in Week 12.
> Osi U 9 yards in the Steelers backfield…..that o-line is looking awful so far.
> 71 (Flozell Adams) smoked again in pass-protection, 7 (Ben Roethlisberger) pressured into an underthrow and a pick. Can the o-line play be any worse?

Second quarter:
> 3rd and inches converted by 33 (Isacc Redman).
> 71 (Adams) with a hold. He is getting owned!
> Three more G-men in the Steelers backfield. OK, i know the Giants D-line is good, but this is ridiculous.
> Nice ball by 7 (Ben) to 82 (Antwan Randel El), getting 17 on 3rd-and-14. Still under too much pressure and that's a 3-step drop.
15 Minutes note: One of the big plays in the game as as far was we're concerned. Ben and El still have the trust factor that's needed for clutch third-down conversions. That could be big in December.
> Steelers red-zone offense looks pathetic. Justin Tuck looks like L.C. Greenwood.
> Not sure who the Giants color man is, but he provided some great analysis on Ahmad Bradshaw: "He's no Barry Sanders."
> On cue, he looks like Sanders on that 9-yard touchdown run.
> It appears the Steelers outside linebackers are playing to "not get hurt."
> Uncharacterstic whiff on the tackle by 57 (Keyaron Fox) on the long punt return.
> Steelers just ran a full-house backfield. wtf?
> For the record, i hate Coach Tomlin's shirt tonight.
> Boy, you can tell the giants second-team defense is in, 4 (Byron Leftwich) has had all-day to throw and threw a beautiful ball to 17 (Mike Wallace) on that long TD. 7 (Ben) would have grossly underthrown him.
> 22 (Bill Gay) = Not a run-stopper.
> 27 (Joe Burnett) did NOT drop that pick that hit him right in his hands, member the one that cost us the raiders game last year?
> 4 (Leftwich) looking like 7 (Ben) on that scramble.
> How do you throw a fade to 82 (Randle El)? How?!?!
> 72 (Jonathan Scott) got crushed on that 3rd-and-1 to end the half. Where was 33 (Redman)?

Third quarter:
> 3rd quarter begins as the sun rises in Afghanistan.
> If 33 (Redman) is seriously injured we are in trouble. 41 (Jonathan Dwyer), you have two weeks to prove yourself.
> 33 (Redman) is NOT seriously injured. Nice effort to get the ball in the end zone.
> Nice hit by 26 (Will Allen). So hard to not yell "shea shea" when i see that.
> Me likey the bubble screens to 88 (Emmanuel Sanders) and 84 (Antonio Brown), especially with our stinky O-line.
> 44 (Frank Summers) may have the lamest hair in the NFL. Just sayin'.
> Bad roughing the passer call on 96 (Ziggy Hood). He hit him in the freakin' waist. C'mon Scotty Green!

Fourth quarter:
> Another horrible personal foul call on 27 (Burnett). Refs are still in preseason mode.
> I don't think 37 (Anthony Madison) touched the receiver on that pass interference call. i'd like to see it again, know.
15 Minutes note: You can see our brothers shares our love and respect for NFL officials.
> Coach Tomlin continues to make poor decisions on challenges. There is no way anyone could see where that ball was when it comes out.
> New center and 10 (Dennis Dixson) fumbles the first snap. Who didn't see that coming? I'm sure he blamed it on 64 (Doug Legursky).
> Two-minute warning......and i'm spent.
> Sean Kugler has his work cut out for him.
15 Minutes note: Thanks, bro.

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