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PSU-YSU wrapup

September 4, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

Between the Lions: Penn State 44, Youngstown State 14


Freshman steadies PSU early, spearheads rout in second-half

First quarter: YSU 7, PSU 3
  > Evan Royster tweeted 90 minutes before kickoff? That can’t be him, can it? That would mean a Penn State player was sitting in the locker room before the game with a cell phone in his hand. That’s hard for us to imagine.

  > With 7,000 media folk covering Penn State, we have to find out 30 minutes before kickoff that it’s Rob Bolden, not Robert? C’mon man!
  > Excellent Big Ten Network replay on the Penguin TD showing all three Penn State linebackers getting cut almost simultaneously to open up the second level of the play.
  > Bolden 4-of-6 early and the two incompletions could have been caught.

Second quarter: PSU 16, YSU 7
  > Collin Wagner making a statement early, so crucial for a kicker for build confidence.
  > Big Ten Network football! Brought to you by cheese dip and avocados!!
  > Penn State defense looks S-L-O-W – against Y-O-U-N-G-S-T-O-W-N – that’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
  > Play-by-play guy Eric Collins (who?) asks color guy Chris Martin (huh?) what percentage of the playbook he thinks is at Bolden’s disposal? Hey! That might have been a good question to ask the Penn State coaches instead of just speculating about it during the game. Just a thought, though, carry on providing us with information that is really of no use.
  > Bolden was the most impressive player on either side of the ball for Penn State in the first half. It looked to us like Brett Brackett was his third progression on the TD.
Third quarter: PSU 30, YSU 7
  > Is it our imagination or does Chaz Powell look like he’s 35 years old?
  > Kudos to the Penn State players who knew what they were doing when they voted Brett Brackett as offensive captain.
  > Great line by Collins (even though it’s not entirely true): “Joe Paterno, at his age, he doesn’t even buy green bananas. He wants to win now.”
  > Great line by Martin (even though it’s not entirely true): “Devon Smith can make people miss in a phone booth.”
  > Memo to Martin: “OMG” is not legitimate college football analysis.

Fourth quarter: PSU 44, YSU 14
  > Not only does Penn State undoubtedly have a starting quarterback. They’ve also got a No. 1 wide receiver.
  > The most impressive thing about Bolden’s first-game performance: He did nearly all of it firmly planted in the pocket. That will make JoePa very happy.
  > Although the offensive line’s run blocking left much to be desired, give them credit for keeping Bolden comfortable in that pocket.
  > Kevin Newsome with a Blue-White Game flashback as he turns the wrong way to hand off on his first play (and scrambles for a first down while taking an unnecessary hit, we might add).
  > We say this with total seriousity: If Newsome wants a crack at playing in the NFL, he should convert to tight end.
  > Just a reminder: Bolden Beautiful, Beholden Bolden, Bolden Statement, Bolden Nugget, Bolden Days. Headline writers, you get one shot with any of them then pack 'em away. Our one shot is above.
The final word:
  > They say a team improves most between its first and second games. That will have to be the case if Penn State is going to remain in the game with Alabama next week.

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