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PSU-Iowa wrapup...

October 2, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode
Blogger's note: We apologize for the typographical mess in this blog. The Ogden techno-beavers took away our primitive blogging software and gave us something ultra primitive in its place.

First quarter: Iowa 10, Penn State 0

> The vertical stripes make the Iowa crowd look thin. > H-U-G-E false start penalty keeps Hawkeyes from walking into the end zone on first drive and Ollie Ogbu finally makes a physical play for the Penn State defense to keep it at 3-0. > Nick Sukay with textbook safety play on the interception. > Anthony Fera with two 35-yard punts in the first quarter. Not gonna cut it. > We're starting to see just how badly Penn State has been outrecruited in the past four to five years. Just like Alabama, Iowa is a whole different level of athletic.

Second quarter: Iowa 17, Penn State 3

> On the bright side, Penn State had no red zone issues in the first quarter. > Big-time play by Silas Redd to help tilt the field. Fera follows it up with another 35-yard punt. > Again, a mini-drive featuring one good play (this time, a Rob Bolden to Davon Smith pass) stalls near midfield and again Fera fails to pin the Hawkeyes deep in their own territory. > There will be an open punting tryout Monday morning at Holuba Hall. Interested participants should bring spikes and their Penn State ID. > Derek Moye and Graham Zug both drop catchable balls in the first half. Again. > Not sure what was worse in that half-ending mess: The coaching, the officiating or the television commentary. We do know all were terrible

Third quarter: Iowa 17, Penn State 3

> Absolutely the right call to go for the touchdown. Absolutely the right play call. After a fantastic drive, Bolden just was not aggressive enough on a play that put him in position to score. > How do you end up with a linebacker (Mauti) covering a wideout (Marvin McNutt) on such a critical play? > After using “ubiquitous” in the first half, Mark Jones comes back with “indefatigable” in the second. > Another punt from midfield and another subpar effort from Fera. The offense and defense have both improved dramatically since the first quarter. Unfortunately, the punting has not.

Fourth quarter: Iowa 24, Penn State 3

> Finally! Fera pooches one down to the 5 and Chaz Powell outruns it and makes a nice play to pin the Hawkeyes. > After holding call puts Iowa in huge hole, Bani Gbadyu gets totally lost in coverage on the play that seals the Lions’ fate. > Ha! With the game decided, Fera hits a 74-yard punt out of his own end zone. He’s not fooling us. The tryout is still on. > Sean Prater’s interception and score assures the final score will reflect the level of Iowa domination.

The final word:

> A leadership void. A ton of young players. Not a lot of veteran talent. Penn State is officially in rebuilding mode. It’s starting to look like 7-5 and a minor bowl appearance would be appropriate for this group.

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