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Ravens-Steelers wrap...

October 3, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode
First quarter: Steelers 7, Ravens 0

> Steelers come out in 12 personnel (1 back, 2 TEs), announcing they’ll be running the football. The Ravens rush only three on third down and CBatch doesn’t see Heath Miller leaking out of the backfield all alone. > Joe Flacco goes with nearly all three-step drops on first drive, which is the recipe for moving a football team between the 20s, but … tackle for loss, penalty, wind-blown missed FG and the momentum swings back to Pittsburgh. > Shades, and we emphasize shades, of Lynn Swann’s sideline catch in Super Bowl X (the greatest catch in the history of football) on the great grab by Antwan Randle-El. > We were worried about Houshmanzadeh. Mason is obviously going to be the issue.

Second quarter: Ravens 10, Steelers 7

> Steelers have had nothing resembling pressure yet on Flacco and he’s responded by picking the secondary apart. Willis McGahee, who always scores against Pittsburgh (your fantasy tip of the week), does so again. > Most NFL fumble piles take five minutes to untangle. The Steelers and Ravens break into a gang fight after 30 seconds and roll 10 yards away from the guy who recovered Joe Flacco’s fumble. Hilarious. > Steelers are obviously living on borrowed time with CBatch. Tick, tick, tick. > Flacco, on the other hand, is playing his best game yet in Pittsburgh. > The back judge was trying to talk the side judge out of the garbage holding call on James Harrison, but to no avail. Instead of 3rd-and-10, the Ravens get a new set of downs. HUGE mistake by the zebras. > Huge defensive stand by the Steelers, buoyed by the forced holding call by James Harrison, to keep the game manageable.

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