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Third Annual Rack Art Contest

November 11, 2010 - Emily Dimov-Gottshall
So, I decided to contact the Mirror and see if there was an opening for the Art Rack. I was a bit nervous but very excited as well as I really wanted to try it out. I remember seeing some a few years ago at the mall and on-line as well. I thought it was really cool and creative how people came up with ideas for this Contest/fundraiser.

To my surprise and delight, I was able to get the very last rack for artists category! With a 2 week deadline, I was a bit shocked as well. lol Let me just say this now, I have bee working on this rack since we lugged it home with the help of a newspaper guy (lifting it was definitely a 2 person job...).

After several sketches, ideas running through my head and factoring in the weight of the rack (gluing items to it might not survive the car trek), I settled on some fine detailing with wood and painting the surface.

My intention was to create something slightly magical and inspired by Miyazaki-like in feel (magical realism). The scale aspect wasn't too much of a problem as it was more liberating then fearful. I found I love working on metal, I drilled into the metal (with the help of my hubby...quite different than wood) and got a sense of how things work together (different materials, etc).

As I worked, the pieces I was looking for fell together and I feel pleased with the outcome. I actually got some ideas for future paintings and realized I can accomplish quite a bit in 2 weeks as long as my work is up high (on the dining room table) and out of the way of little one's hands (my almost 2 yr old)! ;)

I'll have pictures soon. I wanted to varnish it first and do some outside (better lighting) shots. Now, I don't want to give the news rack back! Or I wish I could get it back after the fundraiser! lol Either way, I'll make sure to have lots of pictures and possible, make some cards out of the designs at my cafepress shop.

The contest will start Nov.15 and will be in front of Macy's department store. I hope you'll check us out there! Either way, I'll have some pics here to see as well! :)

I am looking for: