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Steelers kick Reed

November 17, 2010 - John Mehno
Jeff Reed is gone, and there's plenty of debate over what triggered the Steelers' decision to cut the veteran kicker.

I'm saying that first and foremost, it was performance. As long as someone can help the Steelers win football games, the Steelers have always been very forgiving of other issues. And in this case, the other issues are fairly mild. Reed's two run-ins with police were relatively minor, one an attack on a paper towel dispenser, the other an ill-advised attempt to intervene during the arrest of a teammate.

Maybe I've missed some volatile comments he made after Sunday's loss. The things I've seen him saying about the Heinz Field turf and the fans weren't exactly headline material.

Bottom line: He missed seven field goals this year. He cost them a game in Chicago last year with a couple of misses. He wasn't helping them win.

When Greg Lloyd was here, he had numerous problems off the field. Some of them suggested serious anger issues. Yet the Steelers made excuses for him, pointed out that he did a lot of quiet charity work, liked working with kids and had a kinder side. When Lloyd couldn't play at high level any more, the Steelers dumped him at the first opportunity and were glad to rid themselves of a problem.

James Harrison had a domestic abuse issue? Ah, there were extenuating circumstances, the Steelers said. Harrison got a new contract. As angry as they were Ben Roethlisberger several months ago, they also knew that franchise-caliber quarterbacks with Super Bowl victories were hard to find. They trusted Roethlisberger to change his behavior.

The two biggest reasons Reed is gone are wide left and wide right.

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