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The Big One (Before the Really Big One)

January 22, 2011 - John Mehno
We're close to kickoff for the AFC Championship game and I don't have a strong feeling either way.

I can see a lot of reasons why the Steelers should win, but I'm also seeing a few reasons why they might not. The Steelers and New York Jets look like an amazingly even match-up. Just when you want to lean on home field advantage for the swing vote, you remember that the Steelers have lost playoff games at Heinz Field. The only effect it seems to have is on kickers, and the issues there seem to beguile both sides evenly.

I know, I know...we live in a "what's your pick" world, so I'll flip this 1964 nickel that's sitting on my desk. Heads it's the Jets, tails it's the Steelers.

Here goes:

Heads. Ouch.

Don't blame me. It was the damn nickel.

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