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YMCA announces CWCS winners

February 3, 2011 - Erik Brown
The Hollidaysburg Area YMCA's 4th Annual Community Wellness Challenge Series was a big success again in 2010. In fact, the CWCS has been drawing more and more runners and walkers each year. A total of 1,709 individuals participated in the 2010 CWCS, and there were a total of 2,945 registrations. Both of those numbers represent more than 40 percent increases from participation levels in 2008. The word is getting out that the Hollidaysburg YMCA, and its CWCS sponsors are putting on some great races.

The Community Wellness Challenge Series consists of eight events beginning with the Ken Brumbaugh Memorial Run at Leopold Park in March, and ending with the Twilight Race at Lakemont Park on New Year's Eve. Each CWCS event includes a two running races (short and long) and a walk, to provide wellness minded folks of all fitness levels an opportunity to participate.

In addition to promoting wellness, the CWCS also serves as a fundraiser, providing vital funds for the YMCA's community outreach programs.

This year's overall winners were: Male - A.J. Kelly from Altoona and Female - Deanna J. Brown from Hollidaysburg (my better half!).

The age group winners were as follows:

Females 12 & under Nora Van Horn (Bluebirds of Happiness), 13 - 17 Kate Van Horn (Bluebirds of Happiness), 18 - 24 Alyssa Beyer (Killer Bees), 25 - 29 Stacey Herncane, 30 - 34 Kristie Runk (BAM), 35 - 39 April Wheland, 40 - 44 Kim Beyer (Killer Bees), 45 - 49 Susan Eberhardt (Reliance Bank), 50 - 54 Dianne Rudel (Killer Bees), 55 - 59 Bonnie Kaup, 60 - 64 Susie Gildea, and 65 & over Marie Stock.

Males 12 & under Sergio Slobodnik, 13 - 17 Michael Brown (Killer Bees), 18 - 24 Michael Koehle, 25 - 29 Jeffrey Kiss, 30 - 34 Nick Deskevich, 35 - 39 Todd Lewis, 40 - 44 Kelly Over, 45 - 49 Jerry Carney, 50 - 54 Ben Foy, 55 - 59 Rick Eichelberger, 60 - 64 Denny Kelly, and 65 & over John Stump.

It's just a bit too much to list the the 2nd and 3rd place age group finishers, so I'm not going to do it. If you are one of those people, train harder and run faster next year!

Also, you probably noticed that some of the age group winners have a strange name in parentheses after their name. That's because they were part of a team - which was a great new dimension of the 2010 CWCS. The winning team for the 2010 CWCS, though it pains me to report it, was the Bluebirds of Happiness. There were six other teams in this year's CWCS: the Killer Bees, Reliance Bank, BAM, Dog Guard, M&T Bank, and Mountain View Eye Associates. Being part of a team was fun and motivational too. I highly recommend it!

Looking ahead! The 2011 CWCS kicks off on March 27th with the Ken Brumbaugh Memorial Run. You can check in at the YMCA to get the dates for the rest of the 2011 CWCS. While you're there, you might want to ask them about the benefits (guaranteed shirt, discounts) of registering for all eight races in one shot.

I hope my Killer Bees teammates are all training hard! Thanks for reading Against The Wind.

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