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Postcards from Florida: Why can't we all be nice to each other?

April 2, 2011 - Cory Giger
I gave my waitress at a popular waffle shop a $15 tip on an $18 ticket Saturday. She was wonderful. Her name is Mriya (pronounced Mariah), and she may have one of the worst jobs in America. She's on her feet all day long serving super cheap food and getting diddly for tips, yet she wore a constant smile and was friendly as could be.

One of my biggest pet peeves is going through a checkout line at a grocery store or restaurant and the person behind the counter doesn't say a word to you. Not "hello" or "thank you" or sometimes even the price. They just stare at you until you give them money, then send you off with a look of utter indifference.

I realize many, many people hate their jobs and would rather be doing anything other than what they're doing. But it's sad that we have become a society in which so many people are not considerate or friendly or even cordial -- even when it is their job to be those things.

So I'd like to publicly say thank you to Mriya in Bradenton for doing such a great job and being so nice.

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