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Q&A with Rob Bolden: The QB discusses his future and numerous issues

April 16, 2011 - Cory Giger
Q: Are you close to a decision yet?

A: "Closer, yes. Final, no. The spring game is out the way, I've still got three weeks in the semester, so I've still got time to play with."

Q: Spring practice things that would influence decision?

A: "There were a lot of positive things. I feel like I got closer with my coaches -- Jay, Joe and a lot of other guys. Me and my team, I feel like we're starting to come together as a whole and getting this thing going forward. There was a lot of positive things. I got better overall with throwing the ball and other stuff like that, so I feel better as a quarterback."

Q: Why still wavering on decision?

A: "There are a lot of things that I have to think about other than football. Well, football is the main thing, but with my coaches, we have other things that you guys maybe don't know about that we have to go over."

Q: Do you have a time frame for the decision?

A: "Nah, there's no time frame. As it happens, it happens. I don't have no timeline or anything. I'm just here going to class. I'm enjoying myself right now, and I'm here at Penn State, so I'm all in it."

Q: If you had to make a decision now would you stay or go?

A: "I wouldn't even say that. I don't want to say that because I'm here right now. Like I told you, I'm all in for Penn State right now as a student and as an athlete. So we'll see as it goes."

Q: Do you feel you have a fair shot at the starting QB job?

A: "Absolutely. I feel like I have a fair shot. All spring me and Matt and the other guys, we've been splitting reps."

Q: Did you get anything out of the game today?

A: "With the weather, obviously it was a little tough, but we've got to deal with it sometimes. I thought we got a little bit out of it."

Q: Describe the interception on the first pass?

A: "Jay wanted to take a shot deep. It was obviously terrible outside, so he said, hey, let's just throw it up a little bit, see what happens. It was obviously not what I wanted, but it just happened."

Q: Are you planning to sit down with Joe or Jay soon

A: "I haven't talked about it. I don't know. Right now, we just finished the spring game, like I told you, I've still got time to play with. So as it goes, I'm just gonna take it in stride and see what happens."

Q: Are the hard feelings over not being allowed to transfer?

A: "No hard feelings at all. Me and Jay, like I told you, I got closer with him. We cool. We laugh and joke just like anything. I treat him as my regular coach, and he treat me as his regular athlete. So we cool. We have a great relationship, and like I said, we'll see how it goes from here."

Q: What does your dad think you should be doing?

A: "He told me just to be here and make sure I wasn't like one [foot] in and one out. He told me while I'm here just to do everything I need to do to make sure that I'm getting better and while I'm here just to be all in."

Q: Is there anything that can happen in the next couple of weeks to drastically change your opinion

A: "With football being over with, not really. I'm just gonna finish up strong with my grades in school. But it's nothing really. I just want to go over it with my dad and family and see where we're at."

Q: Did you hope they would name a starter by the end of spring practice?

A: "I wasn't expecting it. I think they did their job. They did what they're supposed to do, splitting reps and going about it that way. I didn't expect them to name a starter at all."

Q: What did you do to improve this spring?

A: "I got with Daryll [Clark] -- actually I saw Mike [Robinson] yesterday -- but when Daryll was up here, I always took the chance to pick his brain a little bit. He's a smart guy, obviously. Just go over film. We watched all the film from last year in my games and what I could have did different in some situations. Based off of that, I think I got way better."

Q: What did Michael Robinson tell you?

A: "He told me just to keep staying with it, just keep staying with it. He didn't tell me what to do, per se, he just told me to stay with and be the best while I'm here."

Q: What's it like being the focal point of attention?

A: "I didn't ask for it, but it just came. You take it in stride. It's cool with me. It doesn't bother me."

Q: What changed your mind to stay after meeting with Joe in January?

A: "When we met, I didn't really have another option to go. If I did want to leave, I had to pay for school, obviously, and I couldn't do that, so I was here."

Q: There seems to be a feeling that because you haven't made a decision yet that you're going to leave?

A: "I don't think that's true. I'm here, I'm having fun. I enjoy Penn State. There's nothing towards the fans. The fans are great. I'm having fun in school. My grades are good. Everybody here at Penn State hasn't treated me any different since this thing has happened. They've all been good towards me. So it's nothing about the school. Everything here is great. I love it here. Just me and my coaches, we had some hard times, obviously, and based from that, we've just got to see where I'm at."

Q: What kind of hard times?

A: "Obviously last year, the season didn't end the way in which I wanted it to, but you've got to take that. I want to see where I go from here."

Q: Where do you think you've made the most progress?

A: "I think my most progress was reading defenses. I got better at that. Joe was on me basically every day. He wanted me to speed it up and get the ball out, don't take double hitch steps or stuff like that to slow my receivers down a little bit, and I think I did real good in that."

Q: When you meet with Joe, what do you need to hear from them to make you stay?

A: "I don't think it's anything that they could say, per se, because they've done their job. This whole spring they've coached me and, obviously, they got me better I feel like. I think right now I need to sit back, relax and get with my family, my dad, mom and see where we're at as a family. They've done everything that they could do, really."

Q: Has all of this been a distraction to you?

A: "It's been no distraction. My grades are still good. I took it in stride. I knew it would happen. But you've got take that. I'm still cool with my teammates. My teammates are cool. Everybody is on the same page, really. It's like I wouldn't leave at all, really. I've gotten better, my teammates have gotten better, coaches have gotten better. We all grew closer, so I feel like it's been cool."

Q: Would the situation be different if the coaches said they would name a starter at the end of spring?

A: "I don't think it would be different. I think where I'm at right now, I made the decision a while ago that I was gonna leave. I stayed. But at the same time, you've got to play back and forth, really. You've got to see what's going on with my coaches, my family and everything else and see if I would want to stay here or if I want to go somewhere else. So I don't think it would have been different at all."

Q: Have you changed your own mind at times about whether you'll stay or go?

A: "Yeah, I do. Sometimes. Again, leaving, you know you're gonna go, it's gonna be difficult. It's just something that you would have to put up with. Obviously starting over, that would be something that would be really hard -- going and getting in with your new teammates and something like that. But at this point I'm here and I'm with my teammates and everything is going just fine, so we'll have to see where I am with my family just to see what I do."

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