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So long, Miss Bunny

June 1, 2011 - John Mehno
Barbara Stuart, the actress who portrayed Miss Bunny Wilson on the classic "Gomer Pyle USMC" series died a few weeks ago. She was 81.

Ms. Stuart's character was one of the underrated classics in 1960s television comedy. She was the girlfriend of Sgt. Vince Carter, who was played with admirable bluster by the late Frank Sutton.

Sgt. Carter seemed to take the relationship for granted, treating Miss Bunny to dates on the cheap. He could be easily distracted by other women. Miss Bunny was no pushover, often holding her own in shouting matches with Vince, but she kept coming back. She was always envious of the consideration Gomer Pyle showed to his girlfriend, Miss Lou Ann Poovie.

But Miss Bunny hung in there with her Vince, even after the fur stole he bought for her disintegrated on the dance floor.

I don't know if they ever married after Vince retired from the Marines. I hope not. Miss Bunny deserved better.

Click on the link to enjoy Episode 14 from Season 4, "Change Partners."

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