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Nothing is Wasted

June 7, 2011 - Emily Dimov-Gottshall
I love Erika Harris's insight and senstitivity to the arts and to life. She shared a blog post awhile back from another writer, Patti Digh. Patti wrote a letter/poem to her daughter who is an artist. We all need to keep this in mind, regardless of whether you think you are an artist or not...we are all creative.

Dear Emma,

Because you are a lover and an artist, you will have occasion (many, actually) to open your chest… pull out a ruby… offer it to The World (or someone in The World)… and it will be received with as much enthusiasm as a piece of gum. Chewed, slathered upon, and spat.


This happens to ruby-hearted people who are responsible for bringing through every shade of r.e.d. in the spectrum from the gentlest pink to the baddest-assed bordeaux.

This is no small role to play — carrying around rubies in your heart — and offering the spectrum of r.e.d., the tastes of strawberries and mesquite, the squealing sounds of pain and delight, the heat of hugs and blazes.

We, heart-bearers of r.e.d. rubies love and create like no one’s business because, for us, it ain’t business.

It’s beingness.

And on those days when your beingness feels chewed, slathered upon, and spat.


know-Know-KNOW that nothing is wasted. Everything is useful for the deepening of your pigment… the deliciousizing of your flavor… the longevity of your flames. It’s all good. Eventually. Assuredly. Good. All of it.

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