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Recap of JoePa press conference at Big Ten media days

July 28, 2011 - Cory Giger
Joe Paterno looked and sounded great during his press conference at Big Ten media days in Chicago on Thursday, a drastic difference from a year ago when he was coming back from an illness.

I wasn't in Chicago for the press conference but watched it on TV and recap the major talking points here:

JoePa on being in last year of his contract: Is this the last year of my contract? I don't even know I got a contract. I don't pay attention to that.

JoePa: I feel a lot better than I did a year ago.

JoePa: I'm back to doing a lot of things I used to do. I'm walking a lot more. I'm watching what I eat.

JoePa: I've enjoyed the spring. I've got a lot more enthusiasm

JoePa: I don't think we played very well last year. I don't think I did a very good job coaching last year.

JoePa: One thing I feel extremely good about is the fact that Nebraska is in (the conference).

JoePa: When we got Nebraska, that was a real coup.

JoePa: Ohio State to me has been a great, great college football program throughout the years. -- He doesn't want to get into criticism.

JoePa: Telling story about when he got the job and got $20,000 a year.

JoePa: This day and age, the one thing I am really uptight about is there's too many people that are not involved in the day to day operation (that have too much influence -- boosters, trustees, media)

JoePa: We've always had problems (in college football) & you're gonna have problems when you've got the kind of competition that's going on.

JoePa: I think we'll be better (at QB).

JoePa: He didn't get into any specifics about McGloin or Bolden or anyone.

JoePa: I got in a jam because I'm walking by, the kids are running around, and I walk by and watch them.

JoePa: We had to turn ourselves in (for that violation).

JoePa: on secret to keeping job for so long -- The environment at our place is maybe a little bit different.

JoePa: We've had enough success that you could fool people that you're maybe a better coach than you really are.

JoePa: on no rules violations at PSU -- Maybe we're lucky. I don't know.

JoePa: I preach all the time, and I tell our alumni all the time, Hey, stay out of it.

JoePa: It's nice to know we haven't had a major violation. I'm proud of that.

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