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The Art of Holly Greene White

October 7, 2011 - Emily Dimov-Gottshall
Here is the art of Holly Greene White. She is an abstract artist who has wonderful insights to her art and why she creates. Here is her interview:

How did you first become interested in art? How Long? Art Influences? I was so very fortunate to have been born into a family of very artsy and creative people; My father, a WWII wounded veteran, was an accomplished artist, an inventor with several U.S. patents to his credit and founder of and artist for the Altoona Vinyl Lure Company. My father was also one of the first Blair Counties kitchen designers. My mother was an elementary teacher who helped put herself through college during the war, by singing and playing the accordion in a women's ensemble. She also acted and wrote poetry. My maternal grandparents lived next door to me and also contributed to my appreciation and love of the arts. My grandfather was an amazing self-taught pianist and organist in spite of being born deaf in one ear and dropping out of school in the eighth grade. He went on to become the Manager of the Peoples Natural Gas Company, here, in Altoona. My grandmother also loved art and collected Native American artifacts and pottery. She also instilled in me the benefits of the art of writing and multi-media creativity and expression. She also taught me to sew my own clothes. My paternal grandmother was an accomplished pianist and played for her church. Her sister, my great aunt was also an influence in my love of the arts as she was a regularly published poet and wonderful story teller. My lovely sister is an amazing, but very modest, artist, as well. I have drawn, written, constructed, photographed, sewn, crafted, designed, painted in many mediums throughout my lifetime.; Some professionally and some for the pure pleasure of it. Each and every day, there is some aspect of the day that includes one of the arts that I do so love ... and I become quite frustrated if there is a day that I cannot 'get'

to one of my art forms! LOL So, in order to answer the questions, when, how and who ... I guess you could say, "from the time of my birth and from each day after." Do you have an occupation besides your art? I am in interfaith, healing minister, teacher and counselor ... my healing modalities are meditation, hypnotherapy, regression therapy and spirit art. I am the web master and designer of the internationally read Souls-r-We web site. It is a web site that teaches the truths about the huge questions that we all ask during each lifetime. Currently, in the art world, I am first and foremost an Intuitive or Spirit Artist; I paint souls. The real gift that I have been given is that I see the Go(o)d in all people and then translate that to the canvas. Each soul impresses me to paint what I see in my mind as I meditate. After the colors and images are on the canvas, I then, interpret the painting. I include a little booklet with each of my Glimpse of Go(o)d series. I know that for someone who has not personally experienced my Soul Paintings or who is unfamiliar with Spirit Art, this process sounds quite incredible. I can assure you that I have many clients throughout the U.S. and Canada who will attest that their personal soul portrait has given them a tool in prayer and meditation as well as touched their hearts by the accuracy of information about their current lifetime. Most of my clients have also reported healing properties in these very unique and personal portraits when used in conjunction with their meditation practices. (Feel free to visit my web site for testimonies) This is such a wonderful process for me as an artist, because I have been blessed with the calling to place on canvas, my interpretation of the original intention of each soul that I paint. Each soul portrait is a colorful representation of the God found in every soul and is as unique to the individual as is a voice, finger or foot print. I told you about the background that I had as a child and young adult in regards to art and the creative people in my life but I must tell you of an experience that shaped me more than anything before and since; At the age of seventeen, I was stung by a yellow jacket and almost died. Since that experience, I have come to know it as a Near Death Experience, or NDE. During that experience I was 'shown' that my own purpose, here, this lifetime ... was to TEACH about the eternal consciousness of each human soul AND that we are, indeed, the creators of our own earthly experiences. Due to free will, I was given the choice to 'go back' and teach what was being shown to me ... or continue on the path toward transitioning into the non-physical realm. My choice was obvious and now I have cleared the way in my daily life to be able to present the truths about life after so-called death ... to others. Tell us about your Artistic style/attributes My artwork is unusual in the sense that I intentionally go into a hypnotic state/meditation and focus upon the soul of the particular commissioned client. I ask specific questions prior to meditating, about the clarity of the communion. The colors, images and ideas always, without fail, come flooding forth. I document what I get each time that I meditate upon the client. It is a long process but quite a joyful one! Then, I am signaled after many times focusing upon the client, that his soul portrait is complete and that I may begin the interpretation of each symbol and color. That takes another volley of meditation sessions ... until I have covered each and every item on the soul portrait, including all of the colors. For example, I 'hear' or am impressed to place a star in the soul portrait or a bear or a particular flower ... it is later in the process that I find out WHY. Some symbols or signs that I paint are universal. Others have ambiguous meanings. It is ultimately up to me to determine (as I ask) what the symbol means for the individual client. What makes it a good painting? Why did I choose to create in this style/medium? What makes a 'good' soul portrait? LOL Each and every soul portrait is a 'good' one ... not because I am the artist, but because I am blessed to be tapped-in, tuned-in and turned-on by the process, by the communion that I have with Our Creator as I paint and interpret each painting. Each and every time that I paint ... is good. It is a win-win situation. My client wins because he can actually see the beautiful intention, the blueprint ... of his very own soul and I benefit because my original purpose for this lifetime is being fulfilled.

Where have you recently shown? My website is and the page on which some of my art is displayed is: I have had my art work displayed several years at the Blair County Arts Festival, the Blair Medical Hall of Artists, the Bellwood-Antis Farm Show. One of my pieces, although not an actual soul portrait,"Tea Leaves and Tarot" is currently on display at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Altoona. This piece is from an actual card 'reading' that I had ... when asked about the future of the world. Some say it is the end of the world in a horrific sense, while others say that we are entering a time of enlightenment ... so I pulled the cards and placed them in the 'Celtic Cross' spread ... the result of the read is what I painted. "Tealeaves and Tarot" is also a divinely inspired painting. You may view it at the web site.

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