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Do you sometimes wish you could ditch your cell phone?

October 13, 2011 - Cory Giger
Does your cell phone run your life? Do you feel a constant need, like me, to check your Twitter or email or Facebook? And do you wish you could go back to the simpler time in your life when you weren't held hostage by your phone?

Cell phones are awesome and have changed our lives, mostly for the better. But there's no doubt for many of us that the cell phone can be the bane of our existence because we feel the constant need to be staring into the little device for updates on the rest of the world.

I have an iPhone, and I love it. But I also hate it sometimes because I'm totally addicted to the neverending flow of information.

I know many people love their Blackberry and are addicted to it, as well. For some of you, the past couple of days must have felt either great or terrible since you could not get your data on your Blackberry because of a technical malfunction within the company, Research In Motion.

That kind of thing would have driven me nuts, for a while at least. But frankly, the anxiety would have quickly gone away once I came to the conclusion that the cell phone wasn't working and I could get on with the rest of my life without having the pressing need to check my Twitter feed every few minutes.

We will never be able to go back to that simpler time when we weren't all constantly staring into our phones, which is a shame because it actually can be nice having a conversation with a real person instead of just people on the other end of our texts and tweets.

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