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Anything can happen postscript

October 26, 2011 - Erik Brown
I received a fair amount of feedback on yesterday's "Anything can happen" post. Some of it was very nice. Some of it wasn't so nice. Some of it was fairly harsh. The nature of the harsh criticism was that I shouldn't have published (i.e. put on the Internet) the quotes and the photo from the NVRC Discussion Group as these were considered to be private communications between members of that group.

I spent some time yesterday and this morning reflecting on that feedback and trying to make allowance for the criticism.

Before I continue, I want to note that I have not heard one way, or another, from any of the gentlemen that I quoted in the yesterday's post. I do not know how they feel about it.

My intent in writing that column was to amplify, albeit in a small way, the shock and sadness that ATW readers share with members of the NVRC group over the passing of their friend, Ed Thompson, the eloquent expressions thereof made by the gentlemen I quoted, and yes, even the very nice photo of Ed doing what he loved. I meant no disrespect to Ed, his family, or his friends.

ATW is not one of the more widely read blogs on the Internet. In fact, it typically gets just a few dozen page views. Sometimes, even less than that.

The NVRC Discussion Group on Yahoo (on the Internet) is a very active forum with hundreds of members, many of whom post on a regular basis. If you're a member of that group, you know how full your Inbox gets with all of the banter (which is a great thing by the way). Posts are seen by all members of the group, and can easily be forwarded to countless numbers of additional readers via the world-wide-web. My point is, whether they recognize it or not, the content that I used had already been "published" to a much larger audience, including "outsiders", by the NVRC Discussion Group themselves, than my blog will reach. As far as I'm concerned, there was nothing wrong with that. In fact, it was a good thing!

I have been an occasional participant in NVRC races, having done the Mountainback Ultra in 2008, several Speed to Read 5K's, a couple of Tussey Teasers, and the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon. I have promoted NVRC races on this blog, including their Youth XC races which I enthusiastically endorse. And I have been a member of the NVRC Discussion Group on Yahoo. Despite all of that, I have to conclude that I am considered to be an outsider by some in that community, which is too bad.

Going forward, I will not use content from the NVRC, or any member thereof, without obtaining permission in advance, and I have removed the photo from yesterday's post, the publication of which, a few members of the NVRC Discussion Group objected to. I consider that a shame though, because it's a great photo, showing Ed living his life on his own terms, doing what he loved.

Thanks for reading Against The Wind.

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