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One fan's opinion: 'Disgusted and betrayed' by PSU's 'underwhelming choice' in O'Brien

January 6, 2012 - Cory Giger
There are plenty of Penn State fans disappointed and even angry about the Bill O'Brien hiring, and I had one contact me saying he called university president Rodney Erickson and let his frustrations be known in a voicemail message.

I think this sums up the feelings for a lot of people. The fan, who asked not to be identified, said the message to Erickson:

"Went something like, 'Hello, I, like many other diehard fans and alumni, feel disgusted and betrayed that you would make such an underwhelming choice when we paid more money for seats through the STEP program. I refuse to acknowledge you as a true Penn Stater because you let us all down. Thank you for not only hurting our university but potentially the whole Centre County economy.'"

O'Brien might end up being a great hire for PSU and a great coach. Only time will tell. And many fans will give him the benefit of the doubt to see what he's actually capable of doing.

Still, the initial reaction I'm seeing and hearing from a lot of fans is that Penn State got stuck with a no-name coach, and they are not at all happy about it.

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