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Sunday TV tidbits...

April 2, 2012 - Ray Eckenrode
> The writing for the Season 2 premiere of "Game of Thrones" was amazing. To connect and advance eight storylines in 52 minutes is not an easy task.

> No show challenges viewers like "Mad Men" does. It takes energy to watch that show. (And yes, I know that is exactly the kind of experience many TV viewers are NOT looking for.)

> I wish I could share the enthusiasm of the sheep about the return of "True Blood" in June, but the past two seasons have been absolute drek. The Twitter hashtag shouldn't be #waitingsucks, it should be #writingsucks.

> On the other hand, it's fantastic to see an early teaser for Season 3 of "Boardwalk Empire," which retursn this fall, a show gutsy enough to kill one of its male leads in less than 25 episodes.

> If you haven't seen an episode of "Frozen Planet" on Discovery yet, look for the replays. It's hypnotic and awesome (in the true sense of that overused (guilty!) word) visually and Alec Baldwin proves once again he's the greatest narrator of all time (except for Alex (and Malcolm McDowell) in "A Clockwork Orange," of course).

> I don't follow WWE storylines very closely and haven't watched a full match in years, but from the outside looking in, it sure seems curious that The Rock wouldn't put John Cena over at Wrestlemania, unless Dwayne Johnson is hanging around for awhile.

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