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Nittanyville 101

October 22, 2012 - Darian Somers
I started my college shopping in late July. One of the first things I did was make a list of thing I need. The list included: ramen noodles, popcorn, new clothes, boxers and a tent. I know what you're thinking, why a tent? Here's your answer. Because I go to Penn State and have student section tickets.

Nittanyville, formerly known as Paternoville, is the tent city outside of Beaver Stadium, where students camp out to get the best tickets. Of course I was going to do to this. My first Penn State game I attended was while I was in the womb. I started camping out week one against Ohio and haven't stopped since. I have camped out every home football weekend. And now here we are at Ohio State week. Normally, a campout begins Wednesday night, and we, the campers, are there until Saturday morning. This week is the weeklong campout, meaning we start tonight.

So how does it work? I started forming my group actually last week. At Nittanyville, there are two basic rules. No. 1 Go to class. (I haven't missed a class because of Nittanyville). No. 2 Someone has to be at your tent at all times. This is why you need a group of people and not just one student. Our group makes a master schedule and fills in at any time we can be at the 'Ville. Occasionally, tent checks will be called, where the people in charge make sure someone is there from your group. If you don't, you get warned first time. Second time and you go to the back of the ticket line. (See below)

So then there is tonight. Tonight, I will go to Penn State's course management software and wait until 7 to roll around. Then at seven, I will use my fast fingers, sign not only me, but my group up. Whatever order I sign up in is the order I get to pick my tickets. This is actually more stressful than any test I have taken in college. Then, I have to be at Gate A of Beaver Stadium by 8 tonight. I pick my spot and wait to be called so that I can pick my tickets.

So when does my tent go up? 11 o'clock tonight. Mr. President, Troy Weller, yells put your tents up, and let the camp out begin. I will fill you in on what else goes on throughout the week at Nittanyville, the people we meet, the things we do.

Gameday I will explain this throughout the week, but the tent has to be down by 7 a.m. Saturday. I then load everything up and take it back into my dorm.

So I want to debunk a couple of myths. One: We actually do go to class. (My mom thinks never do any work) Two: We are already in line when I log in. There really is no line, per se. Just the one that is kept on record. Three: We camp out through anything. Actually just about, however if there is lightning or the temp goes below 32 degrees, we have to leave.

My next post will be all about tonight and what goes on. Also I will give you a look into my home away from dorm.


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