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Good Night From Nittanyville

October 23, 2012 - Darian Somers
In my last post, there was not a tent city formed outside of Gate A.

Now, it's impossible to get from the corner of Curtain and Porter to Gate A without weaving through 140 tents. My home has been built. The first night is underway.

One of the best traditions at Nittanyville is the official call for tents up at 11 p.m. After that, my favorite tradition and part of Nittanyville started, the drumline. The drumline is when the officers of Nittanyville take the plastic, blue recycling bins and use them as drums. The songs that are played are all of the fight songs of Penn State, obviously. Also, Michigan, Notre Dame, Pitt and this weekend's opponent, Ohio State all have songs sung about them. However, they aren't even PG-13. THe drumline is finished with the singing of the Alma Mater. The drumline is my favorite part of the week by far, and we do several of them throughout the week.

As for my tent situation, it is a four person tent. I am the only one sleeping out tonight, but I have an air mattress so I am not sleeping on the concrete. I also have four blankets to stay warm. One thing you are wondering is where do you go to the bathroom. There is actually a bathroom that is a part of the stadium, but not inside. It has a world famous Beaver Stadium troff as a urinal.

So, I mentioned the officers of Nittanyville. I'm going to introduce you to them and some of my friends and characters here in The Ville

Troy Weller-President. Troy is a peoples' president, and he loves this place as much as anyone else.

Jeff Lowe- Vice President. He wears a lot of bright clothing, and after his coverage of Team USA at the Olympics, a lot of red, white and blue. Some call him the Oregon Duck of Nittanyville. Also, he's not impressed by anything.

Allen Sheffield- PR Chair. If you can't find him, just yell "ALLEN". You will find him.

Brad Vasko-Organizational Officer. Brad claims he has great people skills, but screams at people all the time.

Carolyn Lasky- Secretary. She's a sweetheart and always brings me food.

Matt Wargon- He doesn't hold any position, but he was my first neighbor. He has been a good friend, leading me through the ropes of Nittanyville. He is also the keeper of all the songs.

Ginger With the Cowbell-No one knows his name for sure, but some call him Mike Joyce. He is a redhead that plays the cowbell for drumlines. He also slightly looks like Matt McGloin.

That is all from night one. Tomorrow I will give you an inside look into what I go through as a student.

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