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Waking Up Outside the Beav

October 23, 2012 - Darian Somers
After my last blog post, things kind of calmed downed here at the Ville.

After splitting some world famous Pokey Sticks with Troy Weller, Brad Vasko, Allen Sheffield and Larry Ofcharsky at 2 a.m., I called it a night and went to bed. (Thanks Brad for the food)

For those of you wondering, I was pretty warm in my tent under eight blankets (not exaggerating). The air-matress was a crucial purchase by my mom earlier in the season. It rained at about 4 a.m., which caused me to wake up because it was loud when the drops hit my tent.

Then it came time for me to do what every college student hates the most, wake up. I had a 9:45 class literally on the other end of campus in the Hosler Building. That is exactly 1.5 miles away from Beaver Stadium. Luckily I have bike, and it made that journey a lot less like driving from Altoona to State College, not using I-99. After that I had french. Je n'aime pas la fran├žais. I then hopped back on my bike and returned to my new home.

One of the unique aspects of Nittanyville is the fact that we have to go to class and do homework while still being committed to Nittanyville. It is something that is more challenging this week than regular camp outs. I have found that getting work done in between classes, when I'm not at Nittanyville, is the best. Also Tuesdays and Thursdays are the perfect for me, because I am done at 1:10. During the day I can get a lot of work done while not a lot of people are here, and activities are going on. Also, I like to get work done ahead of time. My mom always told me to get my work done now so I can have fun later. I really use that piece of advice up here.

As for what is going on tonight here in the Ville, Penn State basketball stars Tim Fraiser and Maggie Lucas will be here to judge the first ever Nittanyville Slam Dunk Contest. I am actually not sleeping out tonight, which is only the third night in all the camp outs I have not slept out.

By the way Happy 43rd Birthday to Coach O'Brien.

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