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The Nonathletic Adventures of Quail Man

October 23, 2012 - Darian Somers
A lot of footballs fly through the air during a camp out at Nittanyville. However, tonight it was men (and one girl, Maddy Pryor) with basketballs.

Tonight was the first ever Nittanyville Slam Dunk Contest, and yours truly participated in the contest. Now, I played hockey all the way up through high school, but I really don't have much athleticism in my body. Basketball has never been my sport, but I wanted a chance to win a basketball signed by Penn State men's head coach Pat Chambers and a pretty sweet T-shirt. So how do I impress the judges, all of whom are members of the men's basketball team?

Dress up like Doug Funnie's alter-ego, Quail Man.

Doug was a 90s T.V. show, and one of my favorites. It just so happens that I look slightly like him and decided to go as him for Halloween this year. Quail Man was Doug's favorite superhero. Quail Man wore his underwear over his kaki shorts, high top canvas sneakers, a cape and the key part, a belt around his head. I pulled the look off pretty well and despite some criticism from Eric Sion, fellow camper and friend, I used the look like Dwight Howard using his Superman costume, for a gimmick to get me to win.

With the rim lowered to eight-feet, there were three rounds. First round, two dunks. One to make sure that you can dunk, and the second to have a little style. I made my first dunk so I had to do something clever for my second. I took one of the trash cans, placed it under the hoop. I had everyone thinking I was going to dunk over the trash can. However, I can't jump over a four-foot trash can. So I ran up acted like I was going to dunk over the trash can, faked everyone out, went right around the can and slammed it home. Tim Fraiser loved this dunk, and it turned out to be good enough to get me to the final round of 12.

In the final round, I laid the trash can on its side, used it as a spring board, and made the dunk. But only six moved on. I was in a dunk off for the final sixth spot. For this dunk, I tried to jump over the trash can, without touching it. I did that, but I missed the dunk, and Quail Man's night was over.

Anyway you look at it though, I got a free T-shirt, which is pretty sweet. Definitely have to say thank you for the basketball players who showed up. That is the one unique thing about Nittanyville. We get to interact with the athletes, but I feel like we forget they are one of us, a student. They have busy schedules, too, so it was pretty cool of them to take some time and do that today.

As for me, well for the first time since I have had my own group, I am not sleeping out. (The only week I didn't have my own group was Northwestern. I joined someone else's). I have a test tomorrow and want to study for it. I know, I know I actually am at Penn State for a purpose. (Read my last post to see me talk about balancing school and the Ville)

As for tomorrow, it is one of the staples of Nittanyville, the Trashcan Football Tournament. Tomorrow is big day in the Ville, and I will fill you in on who shows up and what goes down.

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