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How To Build A Lake

October 25, 2012 - Darian Somers
For all of those from Central Pennsylvania, we all know that weather, especially in the fall season, can be unpredictable. The past two days here in Nittanyville have felt like days that are made for the Ohio camp out, not the Ohio State. I have been walking around in shorts and flip flops the past two days.

So I, along with my Southern California friend, Brian Sanvido, decided to build Lake Nittany. Lake Nittany is located on the outskirts of Nittanyville and is over looked by Mount Nittany. Brian (known as Vido around here) lived in State College for the first few years of his life, but moved to Orange County, California. He returned to Penn State because he loved this school. Vido is normally wearing flip flops and shorts. He has, let's just say, that SoCal look. With all of the warm weather, Vido decided Nittanyville need a place to cool off. He went out and bought a kiddy pool. With my help, we filled up the pool and took an afternoon swim. Let's just say that cold tap water, mixed with a slight breeze, isn't the warmest. Vido compared it to swimming in the Pacific. However, we definitely got some attention from it as just about every person that drove by beeped the horn. It is just another first this week in the Ville.

Things like Lake Nittany is something we like to do to keep the atmosphere upbeat in the Ville, not that things ever die down. It keeps everyone guessing what is going to come next.

During our dip in Lake Nittany, several people dropped by with all kinds of food, free food. In the words of Troy Weller, "what's better than getting food. Getting free food." That is one of the perks of Nittanyville. Alumni, student groups, and different businesses are always dropping by with some food for us campers.

Speaking of free food, tonight was also Bill O'Brien's radio show at Damon's, which is right down the road from the stadium. About 40 of us headed down to watch the radio show, which is fully interactive and a great way to meet and greet Coach. We all ordered dinner, enjoyed the show and we were about to get the checks when Coach O'Brien paid for dinner for all of the campers there. So now I can say that Bill O'Brien bought me dinner. Thanks Coach for helping out a poor college student.

Along with the voyage to the radio show, one of the great traditions on Thursday is Puppy Chow Thursday, where Joe Robison, a fellow camper, makes puppy chow. I look forward to the special treat every Thursday.

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Lake Nittany as we enjoy some gobs.