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Sweet relief

November 7, 2012 - John Mehno
It's the day after Election Day.

Congratulations if your candidate won. If your candidate lost, here's hoping you have the grace to accept the outcome and move forward.

No matter what happened, it's the way that it happens that's disturbing. The saturation advertising campaigns contribute to voter fatigue and cynicism. There has to be a better way than buying TV ads that run every few minutes. TV stations love it, of course, but who else is served by it? We get relentless simplicity -- "He's bad, vote for me" -- that is brain-numbing. They're the least creative commercials on TV. Worse, they're backed up by annoying phone calls and mindless direct mail pieces which always feature the least flattering photo of the opponent possible.

There's no high road. It's just an endless assault that insults the intelligence of the voters and corrupts the process.

OK, back to sports now.

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