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Are you ribbing me?

May 17, 2013 - John Mehno
Too early to tell if this is good news, but it certainly qualifies as interesting.

Published reports indicate Burger King will add a barbecue boneless "rib" sandwich to its summer menu next week. This is obviously modeled after the McRib, a McDonald's offering that makes limited appearances on the menu under the golden arches.

The BK version also includes pickles and onions. It's on a standard-type bun instead of the rectangular version that McDonald's uses for the McRib.

It's certainly worth a try, and I'll swing by my neighborhood BK to sample one with a frozen Coke next week.

I've written before about my fondness for the McRib. Readers with good intentions have sent me links to stories detailing the dubious content in the processed pork patty. All I can say is after 35 years of eating the free halftime hot dogs in the Steelers press room, I don't scare easily.

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