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Penn State needs to bring back 'Sweet Caroline'

July 17, 2013 - Cory Giger
In a failed and misguided attempt at being politically correct, Penn State last year made a decision to stop playing "Sweet Caroline" during football games at Beaver Stadium.

Penn State officials never came flat out and said what the reasoning was for removing the wildly popular sing-along song from the stadium playlist. The only explanation was that they were trying different things with new people in charge of stadium entertainment, following the departure of former marketing guru Guido D'Elia.

But come on. We all know why they stopped playing "Sweet Caroline."


"Touching hands

"Reaching out

"Touching me

"Touching you."

Penn State was afraid having the song played would be insensitive or make it the butt of jokes or whatever else in the wake of the Sandusky scandal.

Watching Neil Diamond sing his classic song during Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game reinforced the notion that not playing "Sweet Caroline" during PSU games is just downright silly.

The song is a wonderful ballpark or stadium anthem that makes tens of thousands of fans feel better for a few seconds by singing along shouting out the lyrics.

Hopefully the people in charge of gameday entertainment at PSU realize there's nothing incendiary or insensitive about playing the song for 100,000 fans at Beaver Stadium.

It's a fun song, and fans want to have fun at the games. Bringing it back would be a welcomed – and sweet – decision by Penn State.

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