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The people you meet

September 6, 2013 - Darian Somers
Eastern Michigan week might be better than Northwestern week.

Or Ohio State last year. Or any other week for that matter.


Because the people who care about this the most are here.

Most of the people who are here camp out all year round, and they are the people that care the most, try to get the best seats and religiously count down until the new season or the next campout.

Just like with anything, there is a core group of people who care about this place, and those people are the people who do this every week. While Nittanyville loves newcomers, the core group of friends and officers weekly campout, meaning that we really get to know one another.

When you spend three days in a tent, you become close with the people you're neighbors with-- and during Eastern Michigan week or weeks that Penn State plays teams that the public eye doesn't care as much about, it's how you get to know the people.

There aren't as many random things going on as during a popular week. Like last year during the Northwestern campout, Bill O'Brien and the players came up. So you get "bored" when those things aren't going on. (I use "bored" loosely because you're never bored at Nittanyville.

And weeks like this are the reason why.

We sit around and we shoot the breeze. We watched the first NFL game last night. We've debated who the best linebacker in Penn State history is.

We've also talked about how we all have class that we all hate, and how badly we've wanted to get out of them.

You get to learn these peoples stories. And most of the time you get to learn the story of how people fall in love with Penn State football and Nittanyville. You get to hear the stories from the years before: Bama in 2011, Nebraska in 2011, Iowa 2009 and the days when Nittanyville didn't have a set of rules.

It doesn't happen often but you hear some of the stories from Ohio State 2005, but that's a very rare occurrence.

This is how you get to know these people, and by the time the year is over, they are all your closest friends.

I'm a sophomore at Penn State and an officer in Nittanyville, a student run organization that camps out before every home Penn State football game. Follow me on Twitter @StuffSomersSays for more updates from Gate A.

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