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Winging it

September 16, 2013 - John Mehno
I stopped in my neighborhood McDonald's and sampled the new Mighty Wings, a limited time offering.

Three wings were $3.49, which was a jolt to my Dollar Menu sensibility. The wings are deep fried in a spicy coating. They're crunchy and tasty, but I'm thrifty and had a hard time getting past the price. They were also offered in servings of five and 10, but you're always paying about a dollar a wing.

They offer a variety of dipping sauces, including a watery Buffalo sauce. You don't really need sauces because there's plenty of flavor in the coating. I didn't realize going in that they're actual wings. I thought they'd go for something like the "boneless" wings a lot of places offer, but perhaps that would make the product too close to Chicken McNuggets. So you'll be dropping bones back in the cardboard box. Whatever the case, here's a McDonald's item that doesn't have a "Mc-" prefix attached.

My verdict: They're good, but too pricey for me. Most people have a lot more money than I do, so perhaps they won't be as sensitive to the price as I am.

One other point: If the Mighty Wings mean the McRib won't make its usual autumn encore, I'm sad.

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