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The Best Week of the Year

October 8, 2013 - Darian Somers
One of the Nittanyville officers once described this week as our "Super Bowl." I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to our opponent or the fact that it's homecoming.

It's the biggest week of the year for campers in Nittanyville, the weeklong.

The weeklong is always the most anticipated campout of any season. It's also the most highly attended.

This year 769 people are camping out. To give you an idea of how big that is, the population of Lilly is around 950.

According to, there are 325 cities or villages in Pennsylvania that are smaller in population than Nittanyville this week.

Sure, sleeping out in a tent for an entire week doesn't quite make Gate A a city, but it's pretty cool to see close to 100 tents pitched to sleep out for a football game.

To say Nittanyville feels like a city isn't fair, but to say it's a small community this week is.

This is the week where you really get to know people, because you are spending twice as much time with them. It's also week you get to see who really loves this place and who is really here all the time.

Along with the community aspect, it's a return to Nittanyville's roots. Before it was an official club, students would campout, starting early Sunday. That's when missing a tent check meant someone legitimately picked up your tent, and moved it to the back of the line. Getting first meant that you sent someone to one of the surrounding parking lots, waiting until you thought you had the best chance to put your tent down.

Now, don't put your tent in line, and getting first means you typed your group fast enough into the submission post on Penn State's course management system.

Now, the weeklong is something special. It's the week that you hear stories of all the craziness from years past. Now, the weeklong is what Nittanyville campers live for.

It's the weeklong, and yes, it's our Super Bowl.

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