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O'Brien proves he can ball and loves students

October 10, 2013 - Darian Somers
It's certainly something I never thought I'd see.

A lot of other campers were in that boat, too.

While we all figured that head coach Bill O'Brien would swing by Gate A to say hello, we didn't think we'd see him dunk a basketball.

But it happened.

I saw it with my two eyes. Bill O'Brien could make an Big Ten big man nervous when he's in the paint.

While O'Brien played defensive end and linebacker at Brown, he may have had a shot at making their basketball roster, too.

Things like this are -- regardless of what he does on the field -- are why students really like O'Brien.

The second year coach has one of the biggest and toughest opponents he has faced coming up. But for him to take more than 20 minutes to hang out with a bunch of kids sleeping in a tents for five days, is really cool to see. O'Brien loves the student section. Just ask him, he could go on forever about it. It's very rare to hear him not talk about the student section in a press conference.

But it's nice to see he doesn't just say those things. He proves it, too.

He shook just about every hand, took every picture and spoke to the contingence of campers in Nittanyville on Wednesday night.

This was the first time the coach has been up to Gate A this year, but he came up twice last season. He may be up again this year, too.

Last seasons, he bought dinner several times for campers who went to his radio show at Damon's.

This year after the games, he's started thanks students by giving high-fives after games.

When he is at Gate A, he takes pictures, signs autographs and shakes a lot hands.

Everytime he does that, he looks each student in the eye and says "thank you."

Bill O'Brien doesn't just say he appreciates the students. He truly does, and whether he's shaking hands or throwing down a thunderous dunk on a seven-foot hoop, the students love him.

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